Maldives, Wyatt Parks and the Mute Choir: Oct. 10 at Underground Coffeehouse

Wednesday, Oct. 10 marked the third show from WWU’s Underground Coffeehouse coordinator, Michael Vierela. Vierela has truly stepped up the programming this fall, planning an assortment of genres to satisfy the hungry appetites of the coffeehouse attendees. This show featured The Maldives supported by Wyatt Parks and The Mute Choir.

From the start of the evening, seating room was sparse as an eager audience awaiting the musical acts. Wyatt Parks and The Mute Choir were ready to entertain; they immediately launched into a jam-packed 40+ minute set that encouraged dancing and audience interaction. Definitely a fun performance, it was occasionally difficult to differentiate the tracks from each other. It felt like one energetic jam sesh. Wyatt Parks and The Mute Choir are a fresh-faced and talented group; they were in their element that evening.  People were smiling, toes were tapping and a good time was had by all. There is nothing more one could ask from an opener.

The Maldives (!!!) were utterly delightful. Although a bit squished on stage, they had wonderful attitudes towards the venue and tried their hardest to play quietly enough to avoid noise complaints while still rocking out. Apparently this was the “quietest show” they’d ever played yet there was no appearance of a toned down set, quality-wise. Perfectly balancing the youthful glee of Wyatt Parks, The Maldives provided an experienced and professional performance. Each musician was confident in his or her own role, while still presenting a cohesive group package. However, the most refreshing part of their set was the humility they had. In addition to their technical talent, their positive and down-to-earth attitudes truly made the experience even more enjoyable. The Maldives are just so damn good. The only disappointing factor was the audience who oddly began the trickling out process before The Maldives finished their set. People are weird. The show was fantastic.