Sam Chue-Demo

Sam Chue’s newest digital download is instrumentally simplistic but vocally potent which is one of its largest strengths. Somewhere between alternative acoustic and folk lies this demo.

Each song feels carefully crafted, sung with just Sam’s guitar to accompany it save for “Dissapeer Pressure” which features piano instead. Eli Savage takes credit for percussions subtle enough as to be missed, leaving Chue’s vocals to take center stage. You can tell Sam is singing from the heart. His lyrics feel very personal and have a welcoming journalesque feeling. In “Disasapeer Pressure” he sings, “I once was a lonely boy, in a made up world with all my toys, I learned to be logical, and think within a chronicle,” you get a sense for who he is as a person, something that each song builds on. He follows that up with, “I’m so scared of being frightened, it’s the diagnosis of my loneliness,” in “Fearless”.

Loneliness enveloping the first half of the album well companionship seems to theme the second. His voice goes well with the acoustics, it’s similar in tonality to Jack Johnson without the eye-gouging saccharine lyrics. There’s a good dichotomy between the deeper introspective lyrics of starter “Stinger and a Shell” and lighter melodies of second half track like “A girl”.

If you have any desire for a good independent acoustically motivated sound, a listen is free and the album itself is pay what you want. Featuring four free tracks on a seven track album, let it grow on you. If it takes, it doesn’t cost much to make sure Sam delivers another album in the future.