Sera Cahoone

Singer/songwriter Sera Cahoone has just released her latest album Deer Creek Canyon and is ready to take the music world by storm, on her own terms. It has been six years since her self-titled debut and four years since Only As The Day Is Long. However, time is simply not a worry for Sera. Focusing on quality rather than speed, Deer Creek Canyon is definitely worth the wait.

The record is her second through Sub Pop, the highly regarded record label based in Seattle. Sub Pop is an entity that Sera calls family, a close and positive relationship that undoubtedly provided support throughout the project’s process. The record features a full band and was co-produced with Thom Monahan who has worked with Devendra Banhart and Vetiver. Deer Creek Canyon is an album that feels familiar, in the best possible way. The musical compositions paired with Sera’s clear-cut and ethereal voice are delightfully unpretentious. The record appeals to the folk/acoustic/country crowd as well as those simply looking for something mellow to listen to. While mellow is a term that is consistently used to describe Sera’s music, boring is definitely not. Through listening, you feel as if you’re accompanying Sera on the journey that she has traveled throughout her life. In fact, the first single of the album, “Naked,” was written when Sera originally moved to Seattle in her early 20s.

Deer Creek Canyon’s name comes from a Colorado canyon near Sera’s hometown of Littleton. A Colorado native, Sera moved to Seattle in 1998 and calls both places home. While in Seattle, her music truly started to get going but Colorado consistently remains in Sera’s heart and represented in her music. Seattle has been a region that Sera has drawn much inspiration from her peers. She shared,“ There’s so much buzz here and it is such a unique place. There are lots happening with of hip hop, rock and more. It’s amazing.”  The record itself was recorded in Woodinville, and then sent to Los Angeles where it was co-produced.

Although her music caters a specific crowd, Sera has dabbled in array of music. First and foremost a drummer, Sera began learning at the age of 11 and hasn’t stopped since. Upon her move to the Pacific Northwest, Sera played drums with notable acts like Band Of Horses and Carissa’s Wierd. Her first band where she was played drums was a heavy metal band that covered, among others, Megadeth and Slayer. Drums are where Sera is most comfortable. In fact, her musical process often follows the pattern of writing a song and then sitting down by the drums to determine the melody. “When I started, there weren’t many female drummers at all. That’s changing a lot now.” What is expected or seen as normal in the music world is constantly changing, but certain things stay consistent. People are drawn to music that they can relate to and Sera Cahoone creates exactly that.

Sera Cahoone is absolutely lovely. This simply cannot be contested. As a musician who has been collaboratively part of many projects as well as successfully undertaken her own creative work, Sera has a beautifully humble attitude. With lots of plans paired with a low-key mentality, Sera said it best as she excitedly explained, “Things are just starting. Luckily I do know how to relax. Life is too short not to be.”

You can catch Sera Cahoone at The Shakedown on November 16 with The Parson Red Heads and guests. For more information, check out