Spaceboy33: Self-titled


Spaceboy33 is back with a new, self-titled, 11-track album that is the Frankenstein of some of his older EP’s as well as some new tracks.  He describes his album as “dubstep, house,” and “weirdness” and I have to say I agree with the weirdness, but it is the best kind of weirdness there is.

His dubstep, electro house fusion songs have got to be my favorite with tracks like “creation spark” and “oops, I went back in time.”  They’ll take you from that signature syncopated dubstep beat to a pumping electro house beat that will get your head nodding a little faster.  Weirdness is just another way of describing that ambient, intimate feel that hails from more old-school dubstep and house. Essentially, if you are looking for aggressive, skrillex-style brostep, go somewhere else.

The single “space monster (danger)” definitely shows off his electro house style and ability to create a moving dance track, but the drum samples he uses just don’t do it for me.  They are subdued when they should be present and impactful. That being said, anyone who produces electronic music will tell you that getting a professional sounding drum track (that you are pleased with) is not at all an easy thing to do.

All in all, the album was a great listen. I sense that spaceboy33 is still experimenting and figuring out what sounds create his signature sound (which is an important asset in the electronic scene).  I was going to try to avoid using the terms “WUB, WOB, and/or WUBWOB,” but if that’s what you’re into, and more, give spaceboy33 a listen for some local music that is Bellingham brand fresh.