STRFKR, Onuinu: Oct. 20 at Wild Buffalo

Oct. 20 – a day that will go down in history as one of the best shows of the year at The Wild Buffalo. The Buff was steaming with crazed college students who came for one reason only: to drink and dance like there was no tomorrow, and Starfucker proved to be the perfect cocktail of a band to set the tempo.

The night started off with the opening band, Onuinu, to get things warmed up, who also played a lively set. Their signature “disco-hop” sound provided the audience with a smooth, bouncy string of songs to tide them over until the main attraction took the stage. It was an intimate set with funky riffs and punchy beats – a tough act to follow for some bands, but not for Starfucker.

When it was time for the headliner to take the stage, the audience was drooling in anticipation to hear some of their favorite songs such as “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” and “Astoria”, both of which were played to the T. The sound quality seemed better than usual that night, and Starfucker’s radiant light show kept the audience completely enthralled for the entirety of their set. With a room filled with dedicated Starfucker fans, there was no way around having a good time.

By the end of the show, one satisfied fan proclaimed that his ears had been totally star fucked, and he’d never felt so good.

For a select number of fans, the show at the Buff was just a precursor to the after party, where fans got a chance to schmooze with the bands while dancing to local dj’s and drinking cheap beer.

As Starfucker has recently wrapped up production on a new album, Bellingham can only hope but to attract the dynamic group again on future tours.