The Bad Tenants: Eloquent Scoundrels Vol. 1

The Bad Tenants, Bellingham’s beloved hip hop group, lives up to their jazzy and soulful reputation with their new album, Eloquent Scoundrels Vol. 1, released on Oct. 5. After refining the group down to the trio of Casey Grant Gainor (Casey G), Matthew Goodwin (Good Matters) and Gabriel William Ghirardini (DJ Idlhnds), the band transitions smoothly into a new era with Eloquent Scoundrels.

The album opens with “The Rundown,” and if you somehow aren’t hooked by that, “Stay Classy” will surely get you dancing for the duration of the album. From the more upbeat opening tracks the album transitions into the melodic, ballad-like style of “Sweet Talk” (featuring Jesus Chris Willis and Ashley Hoppes) and later into the old-school sounding style of “The Speakeasy.”

The Bad Tenants are not only a fine representation of Bellingham hip hop; they are also central figures of the Bellingham hip hop community—this album was produced by IG88, mastered by Jesus Chris Willis, features Ashley Hoppes, and beats from Thaddeus Gincig and Beatmaster Joda, all of whom are from the area.

Ultimately, Eloquent Scoundrels  is worth a listen, or 10. It has a polished, cohesive sound that makes for an easy listen, as well as catchy beats and clever lyrics that make it entertaining. The album is accessible to both the layman and the hip hop connoisseur. Even if you know nothing about hip hop or aren’t particularly into the genre, The Bad Tenants may change your mind.  Eloquent Scoundrels Volume Vol. 1 can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp.