Great Pacific: Messages in Condensation

Great Pacific is what you wish your kids would do once they got to college. Comprised of five Western students, the group formed in 2011 as a twosome with Nick Gendreau on vocals and guitar and Ky Mecklenburg on lead guitar. Currently the band is graced with the additional talents of Chandra Johnson on violin, Evan Douglas on drums and Evan Herbison on bass guitar. An endeavor amongst friends, they are continually developing their sound and carving out a niche.

The quintessential indie folk band, Great Pacific honestly just sounds really nice. Equal parts music to do homework to and music to gently rock out to with some friends, their sound is universally appealing. The instruments are carefully aware of one another, with no sound overwhelming the other. Johnson’s violin is particularly delightful as her talent with the instrument is readily apparent. Vocals are crisp with a hint of raspy, urging listeners to pay attention. Each member is fully contributing and content is the next obstacle.

Great Pacific’s latest EP Messages in Condensation has three tracks that leave listeners quite curious for more. It is always inspiring to witness the creative growth of new bands, so hopefully Great Pacific will continue to make their mark in the Bellingham music scene. They definitely fit in our town scene with the happy-go-lucky and low-key vibe. With several shows under their belt including the WWU Underground Coffeehouse and The Cabin Tavern, be sure to catch them on the bill for Jingle Jam on the college campus. Time will tell what becomes of this lovely project. Fingers crossed for more releases soon. Until then, go and download the EP.