Le Beat: December

I have a theory about new jobs. There is a third time failure rule pretty much no matter what. My short life has been full of many part time jobs giving credence to this observation. I’ll give you some personal background on this theory. I was 14 (yes, this was illegal but I was a convincing food service professional) and working at Dairy Queen. My first two shifts were magical. I was the shiny new employee with more work ethic than they had witnessed in a good while. There was blizzard blending and dilly bar dipping for days. The third day, the fateful day, ginger hairs were found in milkshakes and I caused a drive-through backup that relieved me of drive-through duty for the rest of my tenure. When I first became the AS Pop Music Coordinator I felt like I was on top of the world, admitting over 1,200 excited students to a free Ra Ra Riot show, taking a lucky guess on Young the Giant and selling out in advance. Then I booked five hip-hop acts to play a Blue Scholars show and found ways to offend pretty much everyone possible throughout the night (and through the process of booking) with my lack of conception of how hip-hop works. I have an endless supply of these anecdotes that I’ll leave you to imagine yourself, some applying to current occupations that I would be absurd to admit to.

That being said, this is my third Le Beat and third month with What’s Up! I have had writer’s block for approximately all 30 days of the month of November, today not being an exception and I fear that something will be my downfall in this issue before getting over the third try hump. You should all be relieved to know that I was going to begin this month’s Le Beat with my funniest joke yet about the current weather and a description of a very personal recent lovers quarrel. These are all things I will avoid in hopes to continue to appease the bulk of you and save my ego.

 All Things Festive

I’m a bit of a scrooge, specifically channeled towards Starbucks’ holiday cups and non-stop Christmas music in frequented establishments with typically bad, yet more ignorable music. But there is one thing that lives on as my favorite holiday tradition, craft fairs. Make.Shift is holding it’s annual holiday local DIY craft fair and in their words “celebration of all that isn’t cheap plastic crap” on Dec. 15-16 from noon to 5 p.m. There will be more than a dozen local crafters, home-baked treats, and live music from The Shadies and Rattletrap Ruckus.

On Dec. 8 in the Viking Union MPR, AS Pop Music and Special Events will be putting on a huge, and completely free and all ages local festival, called B’ham Jingle Jam. Admittedly, it’s not the most punk name ever but seems representative of the campus activities fusion with the local music scene for this event. A huge range of genres will be represented with Prime Time Band (first show back in a long time and rumored to be bringing along special guest(s), Bad Tenants, Palisades, Specters, Great Pacific, and Cuff Lynx spinning as house DJ’s.

Okay, one more Holiday thing I could potentially enjoy, Jonathan Gipaya of the Prime Time Band is in the studio working with a whole slew of local and regional artists on a Christmas EP. There may be a J. Beiber cover, which I won’t judge, because this is for charity and all proceeds will be going to the Bellingham Food Bank. Help ‘em out and you may find yourself a little more in the spirit.

Around the Town

I knew it was too good to be true. Unfortunately Morrissey will not be able to reschedule his Bellingham tour date in his next tour run. Please, please let me get what I want and come back to us at some point Morrissey. Refunds will be given for tickets at the Mt. Baker Theatre box office.

The date for this year’s Yellingham has been set for April 12th-14th 2013! This is an exciting time of year where the city comes alive with underground whisperings of local favorites and bands that you would never expect to see in a small, intimate and DIY setting. These kids have a knack for getting some of the best touring acts and making them wish they lived in Bellingham.

The Showdown at the Shakedown is coming up with the first round on Dec. 6. It sounds like there will be a healthy smattering of bands we’ve seen around town and bands that are just getting up and going so mark this as your first peak at what 2013 will look like for new bands in Bellingham.

Tom Waits’ night is a staple at the Shakedown, even if you don’t love Tom Waits everyone likes a Lucky Strike with their drink purchase but they are taking Tom Waits to whole new level this month. On Dec. 10 The Black Rider presents a Dance Spectacle inspired by Tom Waits himself.

Band News

No-Fi Soul Rebellion recently notified Facebook fans that they are on somewhat of a hiatus with few shows in the future while Mark teaches elementary school and Andrea is teaching horseback riding lessons. I hope those lucky kids know their frustrating impact on local music, and also how damn awesome their teachers are.

Candysound is making their local debut as a four-piece this month. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts without Cat from Hue around you can see Nikko Van Wyck (where have you been, dude?) with these other talented folks.

Records & Recordings

Dust off those turntables, Girl Guts’ 7’ is currently being recorded! You can expect a 7’ split from Caparza and Girl Guts as well as their own record following on Whoa! Boat Records. If you don’t know what a turntable is, they are commonly referred to as record players and are exceedingly hip.

I Love you Avalanche will be successfully funded in their new recording aspirations after their Kickstarter wrapped up this month. Anna Arvan’s claims of 10 years of songs in the making will be fulfilled and we are all waiting on pins and needles. The album is titled Fiction and will be recorded at Sleng Teng Studios.

Learning Team is hard at work on their new EP. It’s about time that this indie rock clan got back to the studio to give the kids what they want.

Cassiopeia’s Jake Barrow, and my trusty high school prom date, has released an ep under his solo moniker Vervex much to our lovely indie/pop delight. You’ll hear some Cassiopeia, but a lot of solo talent on these tracks. He should be found playing shows around town in the near future.

Caught on Film

Spanning a total of seven continents, the newest Sigur Rós film project will be premiering at the Pickford Dec. 8 at 8:30 p.m. The Valtari Film Experiment features 17 fan-created short films commissioned by Sigur Rós to coincide with their newest release. If you’ve seen Inni or Heima, you know that films involving Sigur Rós are mind blowing.

Knapp Bros. Studios is working on another music video masterpiece for IG88 featuring the single of the upcoming album, Neuva Forma. When I asked for some video hints I stopped reading after “long lost romance” and “same vein as a David Lynch film,” because frankly it couldn’t get anything better than that. Knapp Bros are hard at work, after this video it sounds like we can watch for one from both Bad Tenants and My Dad Bruce.

Rock n’ Roll and Beer. Beer and Rock n’ Roll. Black Beast Revival is the featured group in a Ninkasi commercial, check it out on the youtubes and you too will be wanting to party.

Everyone I know (including myself) is pleasantly stoked when they get to see Eagle Teeth live and soon you can have fun at home, music video is in the works!

On the Road

Rookie Town will be fleeing the Bellingham chill and spending some time in the warmer parts of the West coast this December with Modesto, CA punk rockers Indian Taker.

We have yet to feature pop-punk group Truth Under Attack in What’s Up, but this local group has been turning heads around the pacific northwest, with a recording from London Bridge Studios and a lot of energy they will be showcasing their stuff all over Oregon, California and Washington for the All I Want for Christmas Tour.

End Bits (especially in the case of the world ending)

What’s Up! features opinions of individual writers and not always that of the publication. Occasionally, without intention, something within a review can get confused and end up misrepresenting an artist. Our apologies go out to King Hush Hush for our recent published review, as the track he was confused with another artist featured on a track. It is never our intent to misrepresent the reviewed artist and only seek to allow writers to review albums as they see fit. Once again, keep doing what your doing and we’ll do our best to get it reviewed.

It’s that time of year, season of giving. I hope you all get out there and do your part and be filled with local music cheer (because sometimes holiday cheer can not be feasibly achieved).

Maybe my fear of the article thrice is truly imbedded in the possibility that the world ends after this Le Beat before writing a fourth. Let’s all go out in style kids, shave those mustaches and hopefully I’ll see you next year in time for that What’s Up! Awards.