Louis Ledford: Century Plant on Esplanade Ave

Louis Ledford’s new album, Century Plant on Esplanade Ave., is a hidden gem in this year’s Bellingham releases. Released with little fan fare, Ledford’s album swings within Americana, but pushes beyond the standard blueprint. Elements of Tom Waits, blues and the swampy sounds of Louisiana all find a home in Ledford’s sound, mixing together for a sound that’s both unique and familiar.

But the key to Century Plant on Esplanade Ave. is the general feel of the album – there’s an intimacy to the recording that is beautiful and startling. Turn the lights off and close your eyes and you’ll feel as if Ledford is playing in the corner next to you. The vocals are mixed beautiful and as this is Ledford’s strength, it makes it the albums strength.

Not every song has the emotional impact of others, but that’s a subjective criticism and could easily depend on the listener’s mood and musical tastes.

Without much fan fare, Louis Ledford has continued to be one of the best songwriters and a true treasure of Bellingham. Here’s hoping he gets more of the attention he so rightly deserves.