Summers Gone: Odesza

Summer’s Gone by Odesza is extremely bewildering. This is the first project released from the Bellingham group. So naturally I was expecting the bushy-tailed and bright-eyed pattern that many debut albums follow: a bit of nervousness, slight errors and an abundance of creativity. But after listening, this is not the case. Creativity is guaranteed from the first song, a short 34-second sample that’s topped with delicious effects. However, there is not a hint of amateur to this entire album. The resulting product is crisp and well produced. Immediate comparisons can be made to Animal Collective, Teen Daze and Neon Indian. Listeners are whisked away on a hazy dreamy mind vacation thanks to the superior production of Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches.

While listening to Summer’s Gone, it is impossible to tell that two minds are behind the masterpiece. The cohesive nature of Odesza’s sound is very refreshing. With 13 total tracks on the album, they are distinctive and varied. The entire project is available for a free download online and consider it wholeheartedly endorsed. This duo is not be underestimated; case in point, their first live show was sold out at The Wild Buffalo.

Formally founded in June of this past year, the listener response to Odesza has been overwhelmingly positive as people fall in love with the music immediately upon first listen. The new-ness of the group will hopefully supply them with enough energy to stick around for a long, long time.