VR Trainers: Forever

Self-proclaimed pioneers of “post-bro rock,” VR-Trainers, released Forever this Halloween, a five track EP filled with dancy synths, layered vocal harmonies, and cheesy 80s drum beats. It’s been a little over a year since the Bellingham duo released their last full length, Ambassador, that seemed to be the product of a shift in sound from their electro-based tracks to more of a dance-pop rock structure with the incorporation of more physical instruments including featured sax, viola, and trumpet. This time around, Forever seems to meld these two parts together adding in an overall darker presence and a good amount of “whooas” and “ooohs.”

The EP opens with “Envoy” a seven minute solid track with a slow and somber start that delves into a head bobbing chorus, leading to an entire instrumental cut off to feature multiple layers of vocals harmonizing one another, and ending with two high pitched guitars transforming into acoustic strumming. The problem with using the best track as the first on an album is that the four following felt like a bit of a let down. At times the vocals seemed forced and detached from the instrumentation and flow of the music, but nonetheless I found the poppy, funky synth beats stuck in my head the rest of the day (see “Scomodo”).

This EP seemed to be well thought out. Each carefully constructed track is given time; placing the right sounds at the right timing. If eighties inspired electro-pop rock is your jam, get your groove on to VR Trainers.