Your Song Here: Books

The Your Song Here album series releases a new album every couple months. They decide on a topic, and anyone can submit music based around the subject matter to be included in the album.

The ninth installment, released in mid-November, is entitled Books. The idea behind the albums is great, and I understand they accept any quality level for the album. This being said, I was extremely unimpressed with the music as I was listening to it. It was really difficult for me to get through the whole thing.

Even though a different artist was responsible for each song, they all sounded shockingly similar. It was hard for me to distinguish between the different bands. Most had a Moldy Peaches, acoustic vibe. This style isn’t bad at all, but I found myself bored, and it didn’t take long.

I found myself chuckling as I listened to track 5, “Books4Lyfe” by Dad’s Work Stuff. Hearing a lady rap over acoustic guitar singing “I like big books and I cannot lie” was nice comedic relief in the middle of the album. I had to take a second listen because I thought I heard her rap something about burying her little brother under the chestnut tree? It was pretty bizarre, and I was intrigued.

Track 4 is “Life of an Average Wizard” by Kat Hill. This song is extremely clever. The only problem is the quality was so poor I couldn’t understand what she was singing most of the time. Which is a shame, because when I focused really hard and distinguished some lyrics I was laughing really hard. The song is about being a wizard at Hogwarts living in the shadows of Harry Potter. Funny stuff.

Overall, these albums are a good idea. If I were involved in submitting work to the CD, I’d probably love it. As an average listener, I was left disappointed.

Some of the other topics by Your Song Here have been Space, Hometowns and Horror Soundtrack. Expect the next installment late December. Thanks to the superstition, the theme is End of the World.