Blasfomi: Claustrophobia 1

Bellingham hip hop artist Blasfomi’s release is an interesting one. Part of me really likes the emphasis he puts on smart, original lyrics and the electronic beats are simple, but very catchy. Yet, every time one of the songs goes into singing parts, I kinda cringe. The 11-song album does have many bright spots, including the opening bars of “Glued Apart,” and the beats on “Wolfsbane.” Actually all of the beats are very well done. They combine the glitches, beeps and bloops of electronic music with a more traditional drum and bass-heavy hip hop approach.

The rapping parts are definitely the strength of this album, as Blasfomi has a similar delivery and lyrical style to Atmosphere. It is definitely going for the “intelligent rap” crowd, and for those that dig that kind of music, I’d say give Blasfomi a listen and judge it on your own.

At times, the music takes a turn towards rock n’ roll territory, but with the combination of rapping and singing it kind of just turns into nu metal. The songs get pretty repetitive after a while as they all follow the rap/ sing chorus/ rap/ sing chorus structure and they all are about the same tempo as well. I will say one thing though, this isn’t cookie cutter hip hop at all, and at the very least I do appreciate that. It’s also pretty impressive that Blasfomi made the beats, wrote the raps and does all the singing on the album.