Cara Alboucq: Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s mid-December as I write this, my first Christmas album review. The songstress is Cara Alboucq and midway through the first track “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas,” I already know that this is the easiest album review I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing. Miss Alboucq is a Bellingham gem, with a beautiful voice that definitely does justice to these classic renditions. Listening to her brings to mind the Bridesmaids quote, “You are more beautiful than Cinderella! You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!” Yes indeed, there is no better candidate to record a holiday album than Cara Alboucq.

The album is titled Baby It’s Cold Outside and is available on Cara’s bandcamp. Her vocals are soft and inviting, yet strong and demand your attention. Accompanied by light instrumentals, the result is delightful. Smiling and feeling cheery are unavoidable side effects to listening to this album. It pays homage to the classic tunes including “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” “Winter Wonderland,” and “O Holy Night.” While staying true to the classics, there is a distinct yet subtle originality to the tracks. The album is a collaboration with John D. Boswell of Melodysheep productions and was recorded in the woods of Sudden Valley.

The album is undoubtedly a project of love, with a crisp sound that’s of the utmost professionalism. It is safe to say that many will continue listening to this album into the new year. Cara is set to release her very long anticipated debut project early next year.