Geographer: Electro pop heaven

I’ve stopped counting how many people have attempted to show me their favorite new band, Geographer.

By no means is this an immediate success story. For the past two years Geographer has been hard at work selling out smaller venues than they are destined for and have found their way to the tip of everyone’s tongue.

San Francisco based three-piece, Geographer has created something worth the hype.

Michael Deni; vocalist, synths, and guitarist, is the supposed mastermind behind the group, having started the project after a stream of family tragedies seeking creative catharsis. The rest of the group is nothing to be ignored, drummer, Brian Ostreicher and cellist, Nathan Blaz, both talented graduates of Berklee School of music in Boston.

The group’s catalog isn’t deep as of yet, their 2008 debut LP Innocent Ghosts is much more subtle and safe than their more recent works and didn’t receive as much wide acclaim.

Geographer first gained recognition with their follow-up Animal Shapes EP and the single that hooked a fan base, “Kites,” with it’s fast paced synths and high falsetto vocals.

Their popularity has been secured by praise from all the major indie music outlets, namely SPIN indentifying Geographer as one of three “Undiscovered Bands You Need to Hear Now” and San Francisco Weekly’s “Best Local Version of Radiohead.”

Myth was released last spring and did nothing short of impressing and sustaining it’s caught crowd, and gaining steam for a larger spanning audience. Included in the full length is spaced out and ethereal sounds, pop songs, looping and layered tracks, and a re-release of their hit single.

It would be easy to make comparisons to other hot now artists like M83 and even subtle hinting at less-electronic minded acts like Ra Ra Riot and Arcade Fire, but chances are once you’ve listened to Geographer they will create a place of their own in your music library.

The lyrical content of Geographer is impressive to say the least, creating a perfect complimentary part to the whole. Deni has claimed that he creates the lyrics post-musical composition to solidify the mood of the track, attributing this skill to his English degree.

Their music couldn’t be any more in the now, drawing on the futuristic space-y electronic synthesizers but grounded in the cello parts and crushingly smooth vocals.

Deni puts it exactly in these terms claiming, “I want to make soulful music from outer space.”

Geographer has set out on their first headlining tour in the New Year, finally allowing them longer sets that their fans have been waiting for. Their live shows have been renowned for it’s quality in showcasing the group’s masterfully crafted music and the pulsing spirit of it’s audience.

With their tour announcement came these sentiments, “we’ve been working hard on new songs, throwing everything at the wall, learning new technologies, and it will be nice to go out on the road again to gain some perspective before we sift through the puzzle pieces of our hard drives. We will see you out there, America. Bring your hearts.”

There are few rare moments where you can catch a group meant for, and most likely destined for huge venues before they hit it big. With no better time than now, check out Geographer at the Wild Buffalo on Jan. 14 with On An On and special DJ sets from “No Pressure Monday” regulars No Pressure and Soffos. Tickets are $10 advance and can be purchased online at