Shit Machine, Sunshine, Pictures of You, Dec. 2 at the Shakedown

First off, this show was put together by, and in celebration, of the birth of Bellingham’s favorite landlady Maria Cantrell. And, boy, did she pick a great line-up!

The show kicked off with Sunshine, which is a band I have never had the pleasure of seeing before. The band features Andrew Nickerson, Zach Zinn, Jesse Denison and James Melloh. The electronic rock outfit really brought the goods and I really loved “Motion,” the opening song of their set. Nickerson’s vocals are really the most interesting part of the whole band’s music in my opinion. They were the perfect opening act for Pictures Of You, which came on next.

Pictures Of You was a one-off Cure cover band (although, I do really hope they make a comeback at some point) fronted by Amy Gibson (Bright Weapons). Amy G. was probably the best Robert Smith I have ever seen, and the band tore through a set of some of the greatest songs in the Cure catalog. But, seriously, Amy G. as Robert Smith kind of stole the show.

The headliner for the show was Shit Machine, which is possibly the best thing to ever come out of Mount Vernon, and also maybe the best band name ever to grace a show flyer. In case you have not seen this band, do yourself a favor and do it right away. The band mashes together a wide variety of influences and when I listen to them I can hear some B-52’s in there somewhere (especially when Faith and Dan Vee trade off vocals) and definitely the noisy cool of Sonic Youth, among many other things. The joke with this band is that they have played tons of “last shows” and yet always manage to find themselves back on a stage within months. Everyone was on the dance floor during their whole set (which is nothing new) and they closed the night with a new song called “This Is Our Last Show.” Let’s hope it’s not.