Br’er Rabbit: Hopping into Bellingham

Br’er Rabbit is a band that you ought to know about. Comprised of friends Zach Hamer, Nathan Hamer, Miranda Zickler and Stephen Straub, this group says their positive foundation has greatly contributed to their current state. “We all really care about each other and really care about what we are doing. We feel proud of our music now.”

Br’er Rabbit has utilized a unique formula in their musical journey. Once the complete foursome was established, they spent about a year recording and playing together in a variety of locations. They’ve lived in New York, Mexico, Chicago and are now settling in the Pacific Northwest. With that year spent honing their collective performance skills, they now present an experienced and professional demeanor. It’s easily to watch a Br’er Rabbit performance and assume that they have a plethora of albums, videos and tours in their belt. This is not the case, but they are well under way.

Br’er Rabbit recently released their debut self-titled EP and are touring around Washington State, with a Midwest tour in the works. The time for development is over and the focus has turned towards presentation. Last year was the buildup; this year is the adventure.

Brothers Zach and Nathan have been playing music together since forever, and were later joined by Stephen. Miranda completed the mix about a year ago, when the group found her while she wandered the streets of Brooklyn, asking to play acoustic covers of rap songs in exchange for rent money or vegan baked goods.

Br’er Rabbit is a band that is comfortable together, and shows how well their harmonies form between instruments.

“Separately we’re not as strong as musicians compared to when we are together,” the group shared. “We all feel the music together.”

While their overall sound leans towards a folk-oriented listener, there is something universally pleasing about them. The cite influences such as “Bob Dylan, Leadbelly and Mumford & Sons.”

The band has three hours of music together, but only seven songs recorded. They’ll be headed to Rock Island, Illinois to record a session with Daytrotter, a music company that hosts artists to perform and record their favorite tracks. This month, they will perform in Seattle and locally at The Wild Buffalo.

“We’ve moved from summer shindigs to real shows.”