SoccerMom: Full Speed Ahead

In the music world, sometimes there’s nothing better than a fresh start. “Having a clean slate is kind of an awesome feeling,” said the members of SoccerMom, an indie rock band originally from Spokane that recently reunited in Bellingham.

“Bellingham has been wild. The vibes that other bands give us are just so nice… Everyone’s about the whole community thing and really supporting each other.  It’s a really nice feeling, coming from Spokane.”

The band members met in high school, where they played together in orchestra and soccer. Casey Dunau, Grant Eadie, and Henry Slater began making music their sophomore year, and Andrea Brudnicki later joined the band playing keys and violin when the previous keyboard player moved to England. After high school, the group went their separate ways for a while, and then reunited last summer, playing shows and ending up in “this musical haven that is Bellingham.”

The band may have met playing soccer, but their name has deeper origins. While the name is an homage to the white minivan Casey drove in high school (pictured on the cover of their first album), it is also – mostly – a depiction of their carefree, get-it-done attitude. “Soccer moms just do not care at all about their image, they’re so wrapped up in what they’re doing.  All about getting things done. Getting from point A to point B.”

The band certainly lives up to this ideal of “getting stuff done.”  This winter SoccerMom released a mixtape called Demo December and have ambitions to play as many shows as possible before the school year is over. “Going regional is the next big step… [We’re] trying to get more known locally and hopefully do more stuff regionally, maybe down in Seattle. We might look at recording in the summer.”

They were also featured on KUGS FM in an in-studio performance, played a show at the Shakedown last month, and already have spring dates planned.

While speaking with the band members, the words “growing as a musician” come up a lot. Casey plays for Vervex, and Grant and Henry have an electronic side project called Manatee Commune, which may perform at Yellingham.They balance this with all the practices, performances, and promotion for SoccerMom (not to mention school and work).

They are continually listening to and learning from artists that inspire them in order to grow as musicians, and having a fairly cohesive taste in music helps too. All four members list The Dirty Projectors as a favorite.  Also mentioned are Phoenix, Tune Yards, Grizzly Bear, and Bon Iver.

“Generally we are looking at and being inspired by bands that are doing something very differently but are also writing pretty accessible pop songs.”

When it comes down to it, SoccerMom is just a group of down-to-earth, fun-loving people dedicated to hard work and great music.

“Some of the grittiest-looking house venues end up being the most fun to play because people don’t care, they’re just willing to dance and want to have fun.”

SoccerMom is always looking to have a good time playing their music and one of their primary goals is to make people dance.  Their message is simple: “We love you guys, we love Bellingham… Dance if you come to our shows, please.  But also thank you, even if you don’t dance.”