CD Review: Curse of the Black Tongue – Glimpses of Insanity

Alright, I’ve officially listened to a lot of Bellingham punk bands, or punk-ish bands, as far as Curse of the Black Tongue are concerned, but if bands keep delivering this kind of energy and sheer campy fun, I’ll never get sick of it. The opening track on Glimpses of Insanity is a mash-up of radio frequencies as “lights appear over Bellingham Bay” if you don’t at least smile at this, your soul is a black, debby-downer, pit of ice. Once you’ve entered into the tongue-in-cheek mood, Guitarist Alexis Tahiri leads the listener from surf-guitar riffs to latin waves of fury, back to straight punk fun all by the third track. As the album progresses, the band really hits their stride in “Fangless Nights,” the eighth song on the album and a fantastic doo wop 50s crooner, saving what might be best for last—“Gun to My Head Kill Me Now Whoaaa!!”—the ending track on the album, and one that might possibly be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. Even if the boys are off key on some notes, it’s easy to forgive; you can hear how much fun the band is having slashing away at their instruments, and their easily accessible yet dynamic tunes keep the listener along for the ride. Yes, sometimes bands like this border on boring, stale and dangerously repetitive, but there is something charming about this eventful album saving it from pop-punk super boredom. The closest Black Tongue gets to this is during the second track which lags on for about 40 seconds too long. The sound production is a little muted. Drummer Austin Richey engineered and mixed the album which may be why the drums dominate the sound-scape, however, the rambunctious drums are in no way a draw back—fast, on time, and a driving force for the bass which, executed in the vain of many great bassists by John Pineda, isn’t flashy, but totally complimentary to the other parts of the album. Overall, well done men. Oh, and spoiler alert, the hidden track at the very end of the album is a cherry on top of this delightful half hour endeavor of swinging hard-rock fun.