CD Review: Never Been – Fever

Never Been is a local hip hop duo consisting of Jesus Chris Willis and producer Branden Clarke, better known as IG88. The new album, Fever, was released late January and began with a song titled Whatever’s in the Way. Upon the first two minutes of the album, I found myself wondering what kind of music I was listening to. Beginning with soft sounds and sweet melodies sung by Willis, I wasn’t sure if the album was going to take an indie or soul route. It surprised me by taking neither, and by the second track I found myself tapping my foot and nodding my head to the smooth hip hop beats and rhymes.

IG88’s production throughout the album is immaculate. The staccato nature to the beats in the background blend flawlessly with the smooth legato of Willis’ vocals. The eighth track on the album, Slow Burn, took the album on an unexpected, dark turn. Slow Burn has a mysterious feel, but doesn’t feel out of place on the album. That being said, I ended up listening to Slow Burn on repeat for about a half hour when I first heard it. The electronic sounds in the background were intriguing and the rhymes were perfect. The album finishes up with some upbeat tracks that you can’t help but dance along to.

Fever only has ten tracks, and when the tenth track finished playing, I only found myself disappointed that there wasn’t more to listen to. So I listened to Slow Burn a couple more times.