CD Review: Takes All Kinds – Demo

The new demo from Takes All Kinds has a very solid sound to it that brings you back to an age of classic rock that was all about rocking out and having a good time. There are only three songs on this demo, with two hard rockers bookending a more spacey, acoustic song. There isn’t much to work with here, as the songs are conventional in structure and approach, but the tracks feature solid playing, good tones, and some nice twists where otherwise they would go right where you expect.

Initially listening to this group I thought they were much younger, approaching their music with a youthful energy reminiscent of when you had time to sit around and play music all day. The keys and vocals really stand out, but in very different ways. It sounds like the keys player may not be as entrenched in the aesthetic as the rest of the group, so where typically the keys might go for a big organ sound or something conventional, there’s a unique little flourish of plunking and tinkling tines. The vocals are very powerful, often pushing the compressors into clipping, which I like, but sometimes that same overdrive makes them just wash out the band. Overall, the production is very clear, but the hard-panned guitars and bright drum tones sometime lend themselves to odd-sounding passages. But this is a demo, and it sounds better than most demos. It’s just that, sometimes when everyone goes loud it only feels like one or two members really kicked it up to another notch.

If you’re looking for a band to catch for a good show and a fun time with a little edge, Takes All Kinds delivers on that front. It’s definitely worth watching for when their more lengthy material drops and we can hear what they do with a little room to breathe and to let the parts develop and move, musically. As it stands, there are real songs in here and depending on how they translate live, this could be a very enjoyable band that will play a lot of shows around town.