CD Review: The Daffodils – In A Fog

With their latest release, In A Fog, The Daffodils (comprised of Edison’s James Reisen and Jessica Lynn Bonin) continue to do what they do best – make incredible pop music. There are no frills here, just (primarily) two acoustic guitars and two voices singing beautiful harmonies – simple, natural and fantastic.


It’s within that simplicity that the genius of the Daffodils lies, everything seems to flow so naturally that the listener gets wrapped up in the songs – their music just feels right, especially as winter turns to spring in the Northwest. They are the a great soundtrack for warm days and lovely nights.


The standout track of In A Fog is the second song, It’s One which is honestly one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Imagine 1964/65 era Beatle harmonies, but in modern day Edison – are Bonin and Reisen the next Lennon and McCartney? No, but that song touches the soul like few others, it reaches that “oh my God, this is genius” level – three minutes and 51 seconds of near pop perfection. Pretty high praise for a duo from a rural small town, but honest and true.


As always, no album is perfect, though The Daffodils have gone out of their way to keep the imperfections in. Bum notes, mistakes and all – it’s there and it’s glorious. Not all of the songs are as good as It’s One, but they’re close enough to make this a truly great piece of music.