Shelton Harris Kung Foo Grip: March 15th at Make.Shift

riday March 15, Make.Shift Art Space hosted their first ever hip hop show. It was, to say the very least, a hit. When I arrived thirty minutes prior to the show starting, I was expecting to see the slow trickling-in of attendees. Instead there was a massive line of eager hip hop fans lining the block.


Once the doors finally opened we were afraid we would not have the capacity to let everyone in. Starting the show were A-Hale and DJ Lame Staley.


The Jungle Crew, recent graduates of Sehome High School drew a crowd of Bellingham youth that packed the venue to capacity. A good amount of people stuck around to hear the groovy beats of the energetic and talented Kung Foo Grip.


Unfortunately not nearly as many people stayed around for Shelton Harris, but he still managed to be the performer who got the most hands in the air.


Shelton Harris, along with his producer Tyler Dopps, are from the Seattle area. At the ages of 19 and 20 they have already made quite a name for themselves. The hip hop duo has played sold-out shows with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Hoodie Allen. In addition, they will be the youngest artists performing at this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival.


I sensed that they were genuinely pumped to be in Bellingham and the enthusiastic crowd was just as excited to have them here. This being my first time seeing them live, or listening to more than a couple of their songs for that matter, I was a bit blown out of the water. They aren’t your typical Macklemore wannabees, and definitely deserve the recognition they are beginning to receive. Not only do they have catchy and accessible beats and clever and uplifting lyrics, but they really know how to put on a show and turn it into more of a party.


Hopefully this exciting and well-attended nights was only the first of many more all-ages hip hop shows to take place at Make.Shift.