CD Review: Biagio & The Argonauts

Biagio is one of those Bellingham musicians that makes this town so much fun – he’s been kicking around the scene for years, never with a huge amount of fan fair, all the while playing ridiculously good music.  Acoustic folk, but this isn’t another ho-hum singer songwriter – there’s a dynamic and passion to Biagio’s music that is instantly engaging. It’s like the music you wish all folky singer songwriters played – nothing boring, nothing sappy, just beautiful and interesting.

While he’s known for playing live both solo and with The Argonauts, the album features the whole band in all of their glory – Rabia Magnussen (Baltic Cousins), Anna Arvin (I Love You Avalanche) and Kat Bula (Big Sir, Thimble vs. Needle) all lending their talents to this beautiful recording.

The highlight of Nothing… is “True Love Bound,” a beautiful pop song that balances banjo, piano, fiddle as well as Biagio and Anna’s voices. It’s one of those songs that is striking from the first time you hear it – if you caught it on the radio it’d become your new favorite song (and, frankly, it’s far better than most of what is on the radio – the whole album is).

It’s also great seeing Clickpop releasing music again, having put out records by The Trucks and Black Eyes and Neckties, the label has been on hiatus as of late (family and work commitments for label owners David Richards and Paul Turpin).

Here’s hoping that Biagio will now hop in his car and tour the US, playing these wonderful songs for fans across the states.