CD Review: Black Beast Revival – Vol. 1: Quality Rock and Roll Music

Quality Rock and Roll Music is the subtitle of Black Beast Revival’s debut CD, and they deliver on their promises. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better straightforward rock band in town than BBR, not only because they play solid loud guitar music, but also because they ooze the essence of rock from every pore.

Volume 1 is a celebration of the dangerousness in rock: sex, murder, lies, drugs, skeletons, you get the idea. This is the soundtrack to rock’s seedy underbelly. “Fire” opens with police sirens and a sultry, ominous bassline, before erupting into its pyrotechnic chorus. “Murder” is another highlight, a midtempo ode to, well, i’m sure you can guess. “Phoenix Cool” paints a hallucinatory portrait of a post-apocalyptic wasteland and flattens you with a massive chorus. The guitar work is particularly noteworthy, leads snake in and out of the gritty vocals and the sturdy rhythm section.

What’s probably most impressive about Volume 1, however, is the moments when the band show their capacity for restraint, letting the gaps between licks and whispers over isolated basslines speak where pure riffage can’t. These are the moments that prove that not only is less more, but sometimes it’s the very difference between a sloppy rock and roll makeout and the experienced, sensuous love that Black Beast Revival makes to your ears.