CD Review: The Apartment Kids – Rustling Machines to Sleep

Hidden among the onslaught of amazing Bellingham releases is The Apartment Kids’ a Rusting Machines to Sleep a release that was created last summer but only recently released to the public. And, it turns out—it’s one of the best releases of the year.

The Apartment Kids is Peter Hilleary (formerly of Todos Somos Lee and currently with NavigatorCommunicator) with a few notable additions, though all the music is written by, and the majority is played by, Hilleary. Which makes Hilleary, totally badass. Because this disk is just that—totally badass. There are elements of the mathy-vibe of Todos, but The Apartment Kids is a world onto it’s own. Great acoustic guitar often flowing through crisp drums with haunting vocals and anchor bass lines—all elements that have seemingly been played to death, but Hilleary brings it all to life with The Apartment Kids. The music is haunting and mysterious, dark and flowing, crisp and complicated—it’s all of these and more, which makes the fact it was never really released that much more interesting and depressing. This is music that should be heard by more than a handful of friends (and one lucky music writer), hopefully that will change.

Songs and sounds this good deserve to be played live and here’s hoping that added press and pressure will get the already busy Peter forming The Apartment Kids with other musicians.