CD Review: Visually Arresting God – Fat Cat EP

The graphics for this EP feature a lo-fi image of a cat/turtle/thing, which really reflect the musical portion of things. I don’t know the aesthetic or production approach for this group, but I’d venture a guess that there’s a combination of something like gameboy patches in ableton and a casio keyboard. But it actually hits pretty hard for something with that kind of sound by filling it out with more hi-fi instruments, making for a pretty cool sounding EP.

The first track really starts things off right. It moves from part to part while letting some parts have room to develop and others to serve as exciting transitions. But there’s something off about the second track, as things don’t quite pick up right. This isn’t going to be a track-by-track, don’t worry. But it really drops in energy in track two, without having yet established the energy. But track 4 picks it right back up again, as the rhythms in ‘Static Waterfall’ are really on point. But that song is almost 8 minutes long and that beat can only carry so much weight.

That’s really how I feel about a lot of the album. There’s some stuff on here that’ll make an aspiring rapper think “damn, if I get this guy making beats for me, we’d be the next Odd Future” and they might not be wrong. There’s some quality stuff on here but it’s really easy to see some incredible potential to the sound. It’s kind of grimy and it has a LOT of space without being minimalist, which make it really easy to superimpose some rap over them. On their own, the tracks are interesting musically and sonically, but it sounds like one of those projects or groups that has one main creative force. That can sometimes be more difficult to create a natural energy and keep tabs on parts running too long, repetitive structures, or any of the countless limits of personal creativity. I don’t know if this is a collaboration, but it has the sound of a single person trying to do a few things and only successfully doing a portion of them. Some people can write beats, some can write riffs, etc. I would be really interested in this music with a vocalist or a live instrumentalist. As it stands, Fat Cat EP is a really engaging EP that brings the listener in close.