Odesza: On to Stardom

Every December, Sasquatch pre-sale tickets go on sale. Every February, the line-up is announced. Every March, passes are sold out. Every May, the notions of “not this year,” “I’m getting too old,” or “I have too many responsibilities” are casually cast aside for a car full of scantily clad youth-filled folly and a trunk full of PBR headed to George, WA for one of the most serenely placed festivals existing in the continental United States. This year, in its 11th year, Sasquatch is no exception to being one of the most talked about festivals, this upcoming Memorial Day weekend spanning May 25-27. Only the most buzzed about bands are dispersed through four days, on five stages and this year, hometown heroes Odesza are ready to captivate their largest crowed yet.



Since releasing their debut EP Summer’s Gone this past fall, production duo Harrison Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches) of Odesza have gone from Bellingham basement to summer stages including Sasquatch and Capitol Hill Block Party. The group is experimental with their sound, blending a range of influences spanning hip-hop and ambient. Tracks off the debut, such as “How Did I Get Here” pack the same pride as boastful Bellingham summers for anyone who knows them, resonating long past its brief time.

Before embarking on the next leg of their journey, What’s Up! asked Harrison Mills a few questions about where they are, getting there, and who he won’t be missing at Sasquatch this year.


Last time we caught up with you guys, you were “Blowing Up” (to quote the article title). Six months later you are booked for the sold-out, largest music festival in the Northwest, Sasquatch in May and Capitol Hill Block Party in June. Did you expect to be playing the festival circuit this year?

HM: We really didn’t know what to expect since we had just gotten a booking agent a month or so before we found out we had gotten Sasquatch. We were a bit naive about how live music/touring worked. We’ve been very fortunate to have such a hard working agent (Jay Moss) helping us with everything.


You have recently relocated to Seattle since graduating. What is one thing you miss about Bellingham? 

HM: I would say being so close to all my friends. After college everyone just kind of dispersed.

Will this be the biggest show you have ever played? Are you nervous for the festival stage?

HM: It definitely will be. I think the biggest show we’ve played so far has been a little over 1,500 people. We’re kinda numb to it right now. Still seems a bit unreal that we’re playing such a huge festival and with such an amazing line-up this year.


What are your top five must-see bands at Sasquatch 2k13?

HM: Tame Impala, Sigur Ros, Baths, Empire of The Sun, The Tallest Man On Earth.


If you keep progressing at your current rate of success/time there’s no stopping Odesza. What can fans expect next?

HM: We’re working on tons of new music and trying to tour more. Two EPs are in the works and several remixes.


Aspiring regional acts often get a leg up on landing themselves on the Sasquatch line-up, but every place is deservedly held by the next big thing to hit the national scene. My major suggestion for this year, in addition to catching Odesza, is to depart from the main stage from time to time and take a chance on something new.

Odesza perform the final day of Sasquatch, May 27, at 4:55 p.m. at the El Chupacabra stage. See Odesza for their first headlining show in Bellingham at the Wild Buffalo on May 18 with IG88. Tickets are $5. For more information about the band, visit odesza.com.