CD Review-NavigatorCommunicator-Winter 2013

NavigatorCommunicator’s band page bio reads “We are Christopher Scherer and Peter Hilleary. We play music.” It should read “We are Christopher Scherer and Peter Hilleary. We rock.”

Scherer (Ship to Ship) and Hilleary’s (ex-Todos Somos Lee, Apartment Kids) new two song demo “winter 2013” is a great listen – if you feel like a drum heavy, moody, instrumental track and the thought provoking poignancy it brings. With light guitar parts seemingly echoing bands of the past, such as minus the bear, built to spill, or more locally The Rooftops, Navigator Communicator skates the edge of heavy math rock cadences and dreamy melodies with beautiful musicianship. The second track on the album, “Abacus and Rule-Demo” starts off rough, yet launches into an inspiring, lilting story told solely through drum and guitar, ending all too soon. Through the nuanced darkness of their songs, and its juxtaposition of hauntingly pretty melodies, Navigator Communicator hints at the promise of producing a truly memorizing band, with just a little more time.

“Stars Severed at the Horizon” also produces an earful of outstanding sounds. Again, slightly reminiscent of the post-rock indie sound, and cathartic mini-symphonies usually associated with bands such as Explosions in the Sky, NavigatorCommunicator moves past the same old sounds into truly emotional rock and back again without missing a beat. I personally can’t wait to hear what’s next for this band.