CD Review-Porch Party-If you were coming in the fall

Teo Crider, or Porch Party– the name he currently releases under– is a machine of production. It is a rare month when Crider doesn’t have something in the works or something new posted to his band camp page. The most recent is a three song compilation of charming, lyrical pieces.

Undeniably melancholic, Crider avoids clichés with an understated musicianship leaving you wanting more. Though critics may find his collection a little simplistic, heavily relying on acoustic guitar and his voice alone, the linear melodies fit perfectly with aching lyrics of night drives and heartbreak. Crider’s voice – rough and raw – reminds a listener of an indie-pop influenced Elliot Smith, though the first song on the album “Black Leaves” digresses slightly from the quite reverb folk trend with jazzy breaks and sing-song lyrics, leading quickly and somewhat abruptly to the faster paced light roots track “Million.” Crider’s voice on this track is unbelievably sincere, encapsulating the listener. Along with the three song album, Crider also produced a cover of Blink 182’s “Going Away to College,” a fun summer cover, (though released in this last February.) The track, full of great harmonies and familiar pop-punk lyrics is an undeniable sing-along track perfect for a hot summer car ride.