Le Beat: July 2013

We’re really getting into the throws of summer here in Bellingham. I hope you are lounging tough and making beats to reflect this enigmatic feeling we all get once a year when the rain goes away and everyone starts ordering iced coffee.

The Bellingham music scene has been very active as of late. Of course in the traditional sense there are shows with bands, and bands with shows, break-up and make-ups, and new discs for your listening pleasure, and we’ll get to all that in just a moment. Where the real fun has been is all over the social medias. My favorite part about an occasional riled up Bellingham dispute over music is that finally, the world has gifted me a platform where everything is public and therefore the inside jokes belong to no one.

Moreover I like that people are riled up about anything at all, and if targeted at music even better. I had a professor at Western who told us her guilty pleasure was reading the Bellingham Herald comments portion of the website and I now fully understand the sense of voyeurism that our generation is privy to.


In the Studio

Fairhaven Recording Studio has been temporarily kicked out of its normal home on campus and has moved for the summer to Bayside Recording Studios. Russ Fish and Paul Turpin are hoping to keep both studios collaborating even after Fairhaven returns home in the fall. But in the meantime… 2 become 1.

I’ve been getting the inside scoop from my own personal in-house audio engineer (some days I would consent to calling him my better half) that Girl Guts is in the process of recording their next full length Amelia with Alex Ferrin. Hopefully it will sound good, if not it will be pretty embarrassing for me.

Acorn Project has just wrapped up mixing and mastering their new record The Shift with Paul Turpin at Bayside Studio, which will be due out in the early fall after some teasing promo during their summer festival run.

The Palisades have been posting cryptic photos of summertime recording sessions and a video of everyone sitting around with gear, a cute dog, and stuff, so I think that all means something. They are also going to be touring as heard through the grape vine, with no physical proof yet.


New Releases

Black Beast Revival have a couple of Vol. 1 vinyl release shows coming up; one being all ages at the purple church on June 6 and an extra special show opening up for the Mono Men at the Wild Buffalo on July 13, and if you remember anything about the last time Mono Men played in town and how many people were SOL on tickets, get on it people.

Cuff Lynx released their newest three track EP on sound cloud, with remixes by local DJs to follow in the next month. Keep track of this production duo, check out their remix of STRFKR they just released, and cross your fingers for more.



You can read all about the Knapp Bros. Studios short film release “Fantastic Stan Goes to Hell” in next month’s issue; but for beat-worthy purposes I would like to mention the cameos by the following; David Ney as shirtless devil, Jenni Potts as sultry forest nymph and Strangely as precious sidekick that does tricks.

If you are looking to hang out and enjoy films in the lovely summer weather, Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema is back up and running every Saturday night on the Village Green. They will be also featuring local music before dusk permits showtime.


Around Town

There’s some fresh meat booking around town since we last chatted. A fond farewell to booking belle Audra Robson who will be moving on from the Cabin Tavern, filled by Robby Cleary of Human Infest who has already hit the ground running with shows. Over at Tubb’s Whiskey Bar, Black Beast Revival’s Erin James will be joining the booking team under their new owners, Bill Lohse and Kate Rosser.

James Hardesty, the man that brings you the Green Frog is going to be celebrating a birthday with a Hardesty Partesty. Thursday July 11 with Lucky Brown, the Shilohs, Ark Life, bacon, beer, and a look a-like contest? Schedule a perm and grow some facial hair, it’s the least you can do. (See his very sexy pin up this month on page 28).

I hear congrats are in order for Sean Jerns of Leatherhorn on his recent nuptials. Those in attendance mentioned Sarah Jerns’ dress wearing and extremely good times. Best wishes to you!

Yogoman Burning Band and their audience (you, yes you!) will be filmed at their show on July 19 for their upcoming music video at Boundary Bay Brewery. I think it would only be appropriate if we all packed out this show, being that YBB and DJ Yogoman has given us many musical gifts and long nights of dancing at Boundary for over eight years, so this is the least we can do. You will also have a great time and become famous.


Summer Dayz

Make.Shift Block Party team are making claims that this year’s block party taking place July 27 on Flora street will be “wetter and weirder.” This event is the all-ages arts space’s largest fundraiser of the year, and this year we really need to make it count to help get shows up and running again. The ways in which you can “help” (the easiest work of charity you will do all year) include attending following: all-day live local music, bounce house, dunk tank, bicycle feats, skate jam, circus performery, misbehavior, food trucks, beer garden, family fun, and the Slip ‘N Slide O Doom. Let’s get it together, for the kids. Also, they encourage bringing your kids.

Keeping up with Summer Meltdown (in Darrington Aug. 8-11), they recently offered us their final full lineup for this year’s festival adding names like Beat Connection and Ivan Neville’s Dumstafunk. As mentioned last time the bigger acts boast Minus the Bear, Xavier Rudd, Lotus, The Cave Singers and many more. The schedule is now live so start your planning!

There’s way too many outdoor shows to list in the Bellingham summer months, but don’t forget about Thursday nights from 6 to 8 p.m. at Elizabeth Park, the Summer Noon Concert Series on campus every Wednesday and the Fresh Local Music Series at the Wednesday Fairhaven Farmer’s Market. It is important to note that Boulevard Park shows will not be happening this year due to construction but will return next year.


Fond Farewells

Keaton Collective bid adieu at their fan-appreciation show at the Wild Buffalo this past month. They will be joining the ranks of the Bellingham to Seattle transition and we’ll miss them heartily. Routine is the spice of life for me, so I really appreciated their parting words, “we’ll be back in July.”

It felt like just yesterday that I was typing my feverish girlhood crush on new Bellingham band Soccermom, and now I’ve torn out those diary pages and am working on moving on. But ginger Grant Eadie can now be found focusing on Manatee Commune.

Speaking of Manatee Commune, Austin Santiago of The Wild Buffalo/BuildStrong/Summer Meltdown is now in the artist representation game. Currently his artist roster is electronically weighted with newcomers Manatee Commune and Bellingham vet, now Seattle-based IG88.


End Bits

The biggest part of the What’s Up! Magazine team, owner and editor Brent Cole will be going on adventures with his family this month. Please leave him alone and bug me, I won’t be doing anything important. I can be contacted at megan@whatsup-magazine.com.

My parting words to you now that we are in the summer heat (it hit 80s today, for a ginger this is the ceiling) are that if you are not sitting on a lawn somewhere, drinking a slurpee at least once a week I need you to get out of town.