Le Beat: June 2013

I’m graduating college soon, leaving my comfortable lifestyle at the school on the hill, being self-important, and acting much too overwhelmed by menial reading assignments that I (god forbid) actually enjoy. I think that college is really just a place to get out all the deep-seeded complaining that needs to be disgorged before getting a job or having kids, who don’t frankly give a shit if you can’t manage your time. I would hope that my future employer does not buy the excuse that the Internet stops working as frequently as my professors can be convinced.

Today I read a colloquial article on Linkedin titled, “Class of 2013: Whatever You Do, Don’t Follow Your Passion.” This was accompanied by a photo of an attractive you woman, on a beach, meditating. I see what you did there, dear blogger, but even when you tell us that you would rather offer advice to avoid a rewarding, and at some points, even difficult (the last thing you could possibly handle) than celebrate platitudes or even mentioning the “P” word, I am left feeling bored with the tired “originality” of suggesting a comfortable transition. For now I’d like to give the “F” word to this articles, “P” word and continue on a path that involves music. Though I hardly lead a rock and roll lifestyle, I have no intention of slowing my heart rate and clearing my head because frankly there is too much interesting stuff going on in town for that.

Coming upon a time in my life where a black, hole-like void called “free time” seems to exist, even momentarily, I am choosing music for now. And when I’m not choosing music, I will be doing things that allow me to choose music. In other words, Bellingham, you had me at hello.

Polecat played a string of album-release shows late this month showcasing their new tunes, and very professional (in the least boring way possible) new record. Notable fact, they packed out the Majestic wooing an all-ages crowd that I haven’t stopped hearing about since.

Biagio Biondolillo’s release, Nothing Here You Wouldn’t Want is accompanied by an all too perfect promotional video. If you weren’t convinced to go pick it up Everyday Music; with an American flag, mustache, and tiny accordion-you will be.

Girl Guts have announced the release of their vinyl on July 9. Dust off the turntables, kids.

“Bedroom Electronic” is something that may need to be a genre that officially changes its title to “Bellingham Bedroom Electronic” with the quick-rising buzz of production outfits in Bellingham, it’s no wonder that acts like the new Manatee Commune (solo project of Soccermom’s Grant Eadie) are quickly winning fans, one newly released track at a time. Check out their new track “Frantic Sleep,” for your health.


Tommy Trzcynski (Black Tommy) and Hillary Susz are teaming up again to record a pop album together called What Mouths Are Made For. The album sounds like it will be full of local musicians; Chad Fox of Keaton Collective, East Coast Dave McGuire, Julian Thoma of the Sonja Lee Band, and David Ney of the Lumpkins. The duo will be setting off on “The Lion and The Wolf Tour” this upcoming August.

I always thought there was something missing every time I go to Merchbot. Mystery solved, it was a bar with wine-dispensers next door (on Holly, where Bandito Burritos used to be). I’m not encouraging that you get sloshed and knock over bacon displays, but I do think a delightful glass of wine from the new to town Vinostrology does offer an excellent new pastime. This technology is like the much classier older sister of the boxed wine, and for that I am forever grateful.

Now I know what you are thinking, this is not a food blog. If it were, we would have a What’s Up! Magazine Pinterest account that would be an instant sensation. But I do have one more food & drink note while we are on the topic, and that is that Mallard Ice Cream will be making ice cream cookie sandwiches served at their new Cordata ice cream stand. There are no words necessary for my feelings on this.

As mentioned in the previous Le Beat, Make.Shift is on live-music hiatus for the time being, working to get the downstairs space up to snuff with various building requirements. No matter what the final quote ends up being, it is going to take a lot of dough. A few benefit concerts happened this past month, and coming up on June 6 will be another featuring Keaton Collective, Palisades, and Black Beast Revival. Grab a slice of pizza on the night of that benefit at the La Fiamma Pie-Hole, also benefitting Make.Shift’s upcoming space needs.

Art Walk is always a glorious evening to spend wandering around to downtown, wining and dining on boxed wine and cheese trays. The June 7 Art Walk will feature STEEBFEST, featuring one of our cover artists Steeb Russell. Take a few minutes to check out his colorful work at Honey Salon (6-9pm), we’re also told in honor of Steeb they will be serving BOTH champagne and cans of PBR. Can’t have one without the other.

The college kids are going to throw one last concert before handcuffing themselves to a chair in the deep, dark dungeons of haggard hall during deed week and finals week. Lawnstock will be a mini-festival of sorts held on the communications lawn on June 2 with The Lonely Forest, Sol, THEESatisfaction, and Odesza (who once again, stole the hearts of Bellingham selling out their Wild Buffalo show last weekend). Rain or shine this event will be loud, big, and free. And most likely piss off some students in the psych lab.

If you’ve been following What’s Up! on Facebook, or on our website (here’s your cue to do so, if you do not already) we posted about the most recent round of exciting lineup announcements for Summer Meltdown (Whitehorse Mountain Amphitheater, August 9-11) from their talent buying team including the trusted Wild Buffalo hands of Craig Jewel and Austin Santiago. Among the many names announced were Minus the Bear and Geographer, in addition to the already announced Lotus, Emancipator, and Xavier Rudd.

If you’re looking for a folk-focused family affair that same weekend, the Subdued Stringband Jamboree, August 8th-10th in Deming is the place to be. Lineup isn’t announced yet, but regardless this is a great place to set up camp and hear whatever is clever in the local and regional folk scene, which is plenty to choose from.

Fun fact: both Summer Meltdown and the Subdued Stringband Jamboree are celebrating their 13th year as festivals on the same weekend!

A couple housekeeping notes from the What’s Up! offices.

Lauren Stelling has been serving as the What’s Up! photo intern this month in her last quarter of her college career and we want to say a huge thank you! Lauren has been taking original band photos, shooting live, and organizing a team of photographers for What’s Up!, we are going to miss her contributions to the magazine and her face around the Bellingham music scene when she takes off to New York to live the posh lifestyle she was destined for.

What’s Up! will soon be putting more material on our website to supplement all of the wonderful happenings that can’t fit into monthly pages, or that seek coverage outside of our deadline process. Check back often for blog posts, event announcements, and more in the near future at www.whatsup-magazine.com.

With summer just around the quarter, I know a lot of you will be hitting the road on tour. I want to hear about it all-send me your stories, musings, live video, or whatever you have to keep What’s Up on the road with you.

For any Le Beat submissions, advice regarding your love life, or further reasons why you should ignore what Linkedin tells you to do with your career-reach me at megan@whatsup-magazine.com.

Until next time,

Megan Housekeeper