Shit Machine, Shark Pact, Kurly Something, Girl Guts-May 31st at the Lil’ Wisconsin

The Lil’ Wisconsin is one of the rowdiest house show venues in Bellingham, and it lived up to its reputation during this birthday bonanza of a show. The show featured some of the best band from up and down the I-5 corridor: Shit Machine (Bellingham and Mount Vernon,) Kurly Somthing (Seattle,) Shark Pact (Olympia,) and Girl Guts (Bellingham.) In total, I would estimate that there were at least 200 people at the show (although, that is a very rough estimate,) who packed into the small living room of the venue and made a sweaty mess of the whole night.

The show opened up with Girl Guts, who were the gracious hosts of the event. If you have not seen this band before, I highly recommend doing so, as they are definitely one of the best punk bands in town these days. There sound is razor-sharp precise, loud and rowdy, and did a pitch-perfect job getting the crowd all riled up for the ensuing onslaught- which would go throughout the rest of the night, with every band kicking it up another notch.

Shark Pact is a two-piece band that plays catchy, rough-around-the-edges, synth-heavy post punk. The band was the perfect transition from the straight-up punk of Girl Guts to the more dance-oriented, yet still punk-leaning, lineup that would shortly follow.

Now, Kurly Somthing! This is a band every person on Earth should listen to. The two-piece (well, three-piece if the guy wearing a hooded robe and playing guitar on a couple songs, and then dancing around the rest of the time counts) features former members of A Gun That Shoots Knives (which have played a series of memorable shows in Bellingham over the years.) Frontman Kelly Sorbel is a sometimes masked, sweaty, short shorts wearing madman. Between churning out dope guitar riffs and solos, pounding away at a synthesizer and singing through an effects-laden microphone, he is jumping around and crowd surfing (of which there was about six inches of room between the crowds raised arms and the ceiling.) The highlight of their set was a new song called “Trans Kurling Through Space and Time (It’s The Way)” and it has all the makings to be the summer jam of 2013 (at least that is the general consensus amongst my roommates and friends.)