CD Review: Kyle Vest

Kyle Vest
Self Released

One thing is clear from the ominous piano sample and thundering trumpets on the opening track “Music is my Life” from his album “Obsession”, Kyle Vest means business.  Hailing from Idaho, the Bellingham resident is a member of the hip hop collective the Green Thumb Project, and has been a part of “Raised Broke Entertainment” since 2009.
Vest rhymes with a smooth, yet powerful delivery and excellent punch lines. Vest is able to dos what many emcees fail to do, he grabs the listener, smacks them around a little bit and makes them pay attention to what he has to say. A perfect example of this masterful word play comes on the title track “Obsession”, Vest tells us “I’d like to thank y’all for standing an waiting for somebody to make ever hair on your body give a standing ovation.” The chorus arrives with a female vocalist whose high pitched tone fits well with the haunting pianos and violins in the background.  Vest’s voice sounds familiar, like a blend of Eminem’s delivery and Brother Ali’s gruff tone, without sounding “copycat” to either of these talented emcees.  The one criticism I would have of the album is that some of the later songs lack direction and start to blend together a bit.
All in all this is a very solid album, with excellent production on the beats, and very tight lyrical delivery. Keep your eyes and ears open for more music from Kyle Vest and the Green Thumb Project.

-Mike Roe