CD Review: Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra

Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra
Lucky Mystery Now
Westsound Recording Co.

This is what the doctor prescribes for the coming months, sweet funk for the soul. Seriously, it will help keep your spirits up as the wind and rain sets in.
“Fireball” starts with a beautiful rhythm that makes you feel like the musicians are hearing something that you are not and everyone is playing around it. The kind of rhythm that makes you wonder? It’s a nice little get-up-and-go number highlighting the flute. I know right? Flute, shit is not highlighted enough, or at least that’s how you feel after hearing this track.
The second track, “Rite of Revolution” is a slow groove. A nice solid, meandering piece with plenty of slightly mournful brass in it. The kind of thing that might get you lucky, but . . .  wait for it . . . all the sudden everything pulls up short and things start to swing. The brass ain’t so mournful and the groove ain’t so slow, everything is taken up a notch. Sadly, after 3 minutes and 50 seconds the song ends. Just like summer, too soon, too soon.

–C.S. King