CD Review: Mostafa & Walrus Mageever

Mostafa & Walrus Mageever
Self Released

If you are a fan of old school 90’s hip hop, laid back flows, sample heavy boom and bap beats and clever word play then Tatterdemalion is the album for you.  The Bellingham duo of Mostafa and Walrus Mageever deliver eight tracks of pure hip-hop with a purpose, to make your head nod and your speakers bump.
There is a consistent theme on the album of “Love” and every song has a secondary title ie Travelers (Gypsy Love), Water (Lost Love) or WorldWide (No Love). On the track “Secret Admirer  (Blue Love)” Mostafa recalls the feelings of a crush, “I could tell that she was something, fell it in my chest, said she heard about my music but she wasn’t that impressed.”  The production on this track is remincent of old Pharcyde beats, laid back with a kick and snare hitting hard over a soft electric piano line. The “high”light of the album is All You Do (High Love), an ode to laying around the house getting high. Each emcee delivers a solid verse about their love of the mary jane without sounding like a bunch of lazy stoners.
With the current trend of “bling bling” rap music that has completely abandoned the roots of true hip hop this album is a real breath of fresh air. Make sure to try and catch these guys live to get the full breath of their artistry and passion for real hip hop music.
–Mike Roe