CD Review: Queen’s Anne Revenge

Queen’s Anne Revenge
My Grandather Killed Anton Webern
Self Released

My Grandfather Killed Anton Webern could easily find a home on the soundtrack of a movie, scoring anything from a mysterious film noir to a mind bending sci-fi production. On its own, this album takes a few moments to get interesting.
The first two songs span 17 minutes and 21 seconds; featuring slow, methodic, guitar and bass driven performances.  The vocal performances are scarce, leaving the listener to focus on the instrumental compositions. The drums sound isolated in their production and held back in their performance. It’s as if they were given a back seat to the guitars from the beginning.  Strong drums are critical in a three piece band. Especially when the focus is on instrumental composition, as opposed to lyric driven songs.
Even though the listener may find it hard to become captivated, My Grandfather Killed Anton Webern  is not without its merits. Upon completing the first two songs, the listener is introduced to a wonderful change of pace. A bright acoustic interlude, successful as a deep breath of relief, plays through and instills new life to the album. The band reemerges with some added flare and energy. Even if the vocals are still rare, the performances are a bit more exciting and well blended through the end.
This album is full of talent, though that talent is distracted by poor song placement. I’m confident that if the album didn’t start so slow, it would be a much different and much more positive experience.
– Andrew Beer