CD Review: Westsound Recording Co.

Westsound Recording Co.
Tiny Versions
Westsound Recording Co.

This was recorded live to two track tape, and lacks some of the polish and balance of other Westsound recordings, but there are still incredible moments to be had. The title track, “Tiny Versions,” alone is worth the while. It starts out quiet, with a vocal line in the vein of Otis Redding minus a bit of the depth and gravel yet still carrying the requisite soul. The track builds throughout adding layer upon layer of brass until the vocal line breaks out into a pleasant bit of gut punching. Lucky Brown has the soul phrasing down nicely and the track as a whole is 6 ½ minutes of pure funk soul pleasure, the kind of thing I would love to see live.
“Search No More,” is a rambling track punctuated by various solos. The whole thing sounds a bit like a complex intro for the next track, “Love,” or an elaborate bridge between the two. “Love,” takes the rambling swing of, “Search No More,” and gives it a vocal focal point to build around.
“Gratitude,” seems a little sparse in places and not as well formed or dynamic as, “Love,” more of a group jam that lags in spots.The recording closes with an instrumental version of “Tiny Versions.” Interesting to hear given that the vocal line is such a powerful part of the song. All in all a nice outing, and “Tiny Versions,” will have you wailing into a hairbrush in the privacy of your own room.
–C.S.  King