Le Beat: October 2013

Well hello wonderful people of Bellingham, how are you all doing? I hope all is well. I was initially thinking about writing 1,500 words on how awesome the Seahawks are instead of le Beat, but I figured, ya know… maybe that wasn’t the direction you were looking for. So, I’ll stick with local music… GO HAWKS!
I mentioned last month that I wouldn’t be writing le beat on a regular basis. That’s still true, but, ya know, well… here I am. Newby should be in next month, though, because I KNOW all I’ll be able to do is talk about the Hawks.

Comings and Goings
Go Slowpoke have been playing a bit again and even doing a little recording. The “band” now consists of Peter Woiwood on electric guitar, Kevin Lee (Lumpkins) on acoustic guitar and Tommy Farrell (ex-Daffodils) on bass with “Jerry the drum machine” rounding out the line up. Jerry is a real drum machine, not just a drummer that keeps amazing time.
The boys in Black Beast Revival have recovered from the loss of guitarist Zach Van Houten by adding Gage Baird from Old Mutt. Guess he picked the songs up quickly, ‘cuz the boys in the band were back in the mix by the end of September.
Human Infest are on hiatus as Mark Keller takes care of family business. In the mean time, member Robby Clearly has joined up as the vocalist of Agonizer, filling Jeff Barrett’s role (he left to focus on Basque Rats). One thing I love about a small town music scene is the one-degree of separation between bands. It can get a little ugly at times, but sometimes you can just turn to yer good buddy and they’ll fill the roll.
Dog Shredder is NO MORE! Well, it’s really the name Dog Shredder is no more – the boys in the band have decided to go with Wild Throne instead of the mighty shredder. To celebrate, they’ve released a video for their new song, “Desert Shadows,” which was filmed in the make.shift basement with plenty of head banging, cool lights and cool camera angles. You can find the video on the band’s new FB page as Wild Throne. If I had to guess, 2014 will be the year of the Throne!
Well, looks like Creech isn’t happening as Creech once was as the Paulson brothers have split to Seattle. More talented people being talented somewhere else.
The Palisades are on official “I don’t know when we’re playing again” status. When they returned from their tour, Noah moved out of town (he’s in Alaska right now) and Toby went off to Portland. Luke says he’ll get something else going soon musically, but who knows how long he’ll be around as school wraps up at the end of this quarter. Peter was born and raised here, so he’s not going anywhere anytime soon (thank God ‘cuz he’s the badass delivering these mags!)… but… the Palisades as they were – an awesome local band, our own, are no more. Who knows what’s next, other than my grave sadness. What a band.
Cayley Schmid (of Polecat) has helped create Bellingham Ceili Club, a way to celebrate Irish music throughout the Bellingham music community. One of my favorites things about the local music scene is that good folks find ways to do cool stuff – not just the normal indie rock, but expose people to different music and celebrate it! You can find the group on facebook.

Aaron Guest has been playing out as a solo artist recently with Polecat taking a quick break. Look for a solo album from A. Guest soon, hopefully within the next month or two.
Candysound spent some good time in the studio last month, cranking out 11 songs over an eight hour period. Haven’t caught wind on when they’ll be releasing all the goods, but I’d guess by the new year. And I, for one, am really stoked!

On Tour
Awesome pants Julian MacDonough is out on a two-week tour with legendary pianist Harold Mabern, a well deserved opportunity to show his stuff with the best of ‘em. I remember seeing Julian at the Beachhouse, playing jazz when he was just a young pup of 18, this must’ve been in ’92 or ’93. The Beachhouse hosted jazz jam sessions on Thursdays and it was always a good time. (The space is now the Stone Pot on Magnolia). Pretty wild to think back in the day I watched Julian or Jason McGerr kill it on the kit and now these two guys go out and tour the world or play with some of the most talented musicians in music. Town has some crazy mojo in it.
Speaking of drummers (and crazy), did ya’ll know Tim Alexander from Primus lives here and gives lessons at DSW Drums!? Seriously, the epic drummer from such songs as “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” and “Jerry is a Race Car Driver,” lives in Whatcom County. He’s also joining back up with Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde and hitting the road with the boys. So, that makes three Whatcom County drummers who, ya know, tour all over with amazing musicians. Yep… no one in Bellingham ever makes it here. Nope. Never.
The Lonely Forest are releasing their fourth album on Oct. 8, which is, ya know, awesome. The band, who have consistently made amazing music for several years, is now on Chris Walla’s Trans label. They’ll be headed out on tour the day after, heading all the way to the East Coast, then back to California and up, landing in Seattle a month later. While I love this band for their music, the fact they are unabashed Seahawks fans make them AWESOMMMMMEEEE. GO HAWKS!
Sam Chue is back from a trip to NYC and ready to rock. He released a solo album before he left and will be finishing up the Vonvettas’ new album. Nothing like a good little trip to the big apple to get the creative juices flowing.
The Tommy and Hillary tour is now just the Hillary Susz tour as Tommy left after the first week. She’s contuining on and will be for the next couple of months. Look for her Tales from the Road next month.
Speaking of Tales from the Road in November, Acorn Project has already written for their September one and that will also be a doozy. The band’s van blew up in California, which is never good (how’s that for obvious statements of the month?). They rented a van and were able to finish up, but their van isn’t salvageable. As of press time, I’m not sure what the boys are gonna do, but they’re back on the road for October, then home in Bellingham for their CD release at the Wild Buffalo on Oct. 31. Halloween, Acorn Project, Wild Buffalo… yep, that’s gonna be wild.
I’ve always thought Gabe Taylor was pretty awesome being the killer drummer for FFA and The All Nighters, but now he’s taken things to a new level. GT will be filling in as the drummer of Daikaiju (out of Alabama) on a 46-date tour which includes a show in New Jersey opening up for The Dickies. THE DICKIES! Legends of punk rock and Gabe gets to open up for them. Awesome.

What’s Up Shows
Not sure if you’ve seen the scene, but we (along with The Shakedown and Zach Zinn Productions) are putting on a little psych fest at the Shakedown. Fire on the Bay (the name was inspired by Carlton Melton’s amp catching on fire last time they played in town) will be held on Oct. 10 and 11 with Cave and Nik Turner’s Hawkwind headlining. YES YES YES YES! NIK TURNER WILL BE ON STAGE AT THE SHAKEDOWN! This is unbelievable. Plus Cave is playing and they’re ridiculously awesome.
On Oct. 12, we are hosting a free local showcase with the Cascadia Weekly at The Shakedown. It’s kind of a NKOTB show as all the bands are fairly new and fresh faced. Check out Fiction, The Shows, Porch Cat and the Fairweather Family and guest. It’s all free!
There’s an amazing art show occurring at Make.Shift in October called Mutants R Us, which features 50 artists with nearly 100 pieces of artwork, all with a super hero theme. The opening is during art walk on Friday, Oct. 4, so swing by and see what Steeb Russell has been bustin’ his hump working on!
We’re gonna be giving away some goooood stuff for the Con Bro Chill show on Oct. 27 at the Wild Buffalo. Check out our FB page for an announcement and more details!
I did get one guess as to where last month’s intro to le beat came from. For those wondering, it was the beginning of The Damned’s Machine Gun Ettiquette record. Brilliant album, give it a spin. Definitely best heard on vinyl.
Last but not least, we’d like to welcome Victor Gotelaere as our new What’s Up! sales rep. We are excited to have him aboard.
Until next month, when we do this all again. GO HAWKS!

-Hugs and kisses, Brent Cole