Noise Toys: Best summer ever

A magical occurrence happened in this city last fall. a group of three came from Arizona, to recruit drummer Matt Cooper from Spokane and birth what is now known as Noise Toys. With some help from already existing group Black Idea, they dropped a ripple in Bellingham’s waiting musical waters. Soon after their arrival their local hosts took a turn for the worse with some blessings that came in disguise as Black Idea broke up, and a few months later began oTTo. A few after that Gonzo, thereby forming the first Teenus Koytus lineup; a group of eager musicians in a circus of types for a tour of the Puget Sound, 11 comrades deep.
The venture started here in Bellingham at an undisclosed location near the Tokyo House on North Garden, a kickoff show intended to fund future traveling expenses. This was not the first assumption to be foiled on our trip.
The first two acts began at 9, Elder Christ opened for Chris Acker and his friend Sam on the front lawn leaving the crowd jolly as they moved inside to hear Noise Toys with guest drummer yours truly. Not three songs in were we bombarded by a police officer informing everyone in attendance of some complaints throughout the area. Never say die was the attitude of the crowd and musicians alike, the show was moved to the Black Cabin on State Street to have the Gypsters starting their first song within 58 minutes flat, warm the stage for a band called Gonzo’s first set. Otto closed, and with six acts, two venues and plenty of free PBR tallboys to those who followed, you could feel the community like a warm blanket.
The night fared as a shaky omen of sorts, the group continued the next day with fiasco as their fate, oTTo’s van broke down just outside of Mount Vernon. Eventually all members made it to the first stop in the University District, a house show that only got to hear Gonzo and host band Rymosaurlkhegkj ?? After lifting their heads from the lawn spread with keg madness, the flow continued onto Capitol Hill to play a place called the Icehouse.
An under-attended birthday party, the show served as a warm up of sorts for the Josephine in Ballard the next day. This hole in the wall theater turned house venue created a cozy space for music to shine through. Only the three Teenus thrashers played to a surprising Fortunately this reel continued even in the face of adversity, a cancellation on our way to Kitsap turnout of faces new and old, this was the turning point and a main highlight of the tour. gave be the backdrop for an impromptu gazebo show in downtown Poulsbo; breezy fun with unfamiliar faces and the boys in Otto got a daughter to dance for her first time in her 7 months. Thank you Kim and Pete Anderson for all of your hospitality.
Leaving Kitsap County with a newly adopted 91’ GMC Suburban, the purr of the engine reflected our attitudes as we slinked our way into Olympia for the final stop, arguably the most these brothers a day off to snack on fresh plums and swim in the Salish Sea, which turned out to comparable to home. The Voyeur felt like a dream, a crowd procured by last minute handbills on notebook paper and street acquaintances with nothing to do. It ended up being a dancing daze throughout the night, thanks to Ben’s cousin having a retreat just outside the city for us to stretch our legs and relax the morning before heading home for a return show with friends from Olympia, Fruit Juice, crazy pop madness that kept us up singing Moonage Daydream in their bus. Upon returning, the TEENUS KOYTUS crew played near the Flea Market to a large helping of new faces. The homecoming was overall well received and served as inspiration for the following day of unloading gear and moving into new houses. Through and through the quest was entirely everything we couldn’t expect but everything we wanted. Thank you to all of our old friends and especially the new ones for supporting our crazy and unplanned antics, we would be nothing without you.

-Iann H. Christensen