CD Review: Adam Price

Adam Price
Twenty Something and Confused

Adam Price is an unknown quantity to me. I was browsing the “Bellingham” tags on Bandcamp, searching for the next big thing waiting to make itself known in our fair hamlet. Then I found it.
The opener, “Intro to slow you down,” is every bit as functional as advertised. The six seconds of tape his and chair creeks orients the listener in the bedroom the project was recorded in. It’s an instrumental buffer that serves to acclimate us to the solitary, yet warm place the record is coming from. It flourishes towards the end as the lone acoustic guitar is joined by a second and some vocal “oohs,” a small preview of the dynamic range to come.
Tinges of Isaac Brock’s early vocal doubling can be found in “Best, better” and “Sleep.” The latter is a great example of not only Price’s more than proficient guitar ability, but also of the dynamic range the intro served as a teaser of. It begins tensely and sparsely and then turns into a mass of cacophony, reminiscent of The Glow pt. 2-era Microphones, complete with distorted drums, a guitar, damp with chorus, and more vocal doubling. In context, it appears out of nowhere, but you’re so glad it did.
Twenty Something is, unmistakably, a bedroom project, and a lush, rewarding one at that. It is an understated, relatable, and extremely genuine work. After spending some time with it, I can’t wait to see what happens when our confused twenty-something ventures outside.
-Nicholas Thacker