CD Review: Bellingham Girls Rock Camp

Bellingham Girls Rock Camp
We Rock, We Rule

The Bellingham Girls Rock Camp (BGRC) has just released its first compilation of music that was written and recorded during the BGRC this summer… in one week. Wow. The girls who come to the camp are introduced to instruments they may have never previously held, encouraged and supported through the songwriting process and, quite possibly, leave the camp with a lifelong addiction to creative expression in pure indie rock fashion.
The album is impressive, not just because the artists had to carefully navigate inexperience and the pressures of playing for an audience and a microphone, but because it is smart, clever, catchy, and earnest. The first song, “You See, I Bee” is a personification of a house, “A building’s what your eyes see, a house isn’t all that I be, this family’s made a home out of me” rings the chorus, while the driving bass line and drums lay the brickwork for a vocal melody that would have Kimya Dawson smile. “We Rock, We Rule” feels is an anthem of empowerment that got stuck in my head on first listen, while “Breaking Through and Clandestine” have vocal hooks that make my hair stand on end like hot tea on a cold day. Perhaps the only thing I disliked about this record is that it is only four songs long, but that’s not really an issue because the replay value is incredible.
–Jake Werrion