CD Review: By Myers

By Myers
Vivre se Vie

Vivre se Vie is a classic collection of quality singer/songwriter material.  Along with having a talent for building songs, Brittney Myers is a woman with a wonderful voice. Being split between two parts, Vivre se Vie is mostly the expression of an individual acoustic performance. The first set includes the collaboration of a full band. The second set is basic: one guitar, one voice.
Part one presents the first three songs on the CD with a full band included. Brittney’s accompaniment is nothing but talented. They are a responsible group, who are clearly trained. The task at hand is to back Brittney up. Never straying from that task, the group provides an excitement deserved by Brittney’s enthusiastic song writing style.
While the first three recordings are instrumentally complete and well crafted songs, the second section features the same three songs plus two additional compositions as raw and stripped down pieces held to the same standard. Armed with a smart guitar and an incredible voice; Brittney provides the listener with samples of just how well her songs can stand alone.
When playing the recording from start to finish, the last five songs are at risk to be underwhelming, as they were performed twice. That being said, I applaud the set up of this CD as a combination of two parts. I wish it was provided as a vinyl release; simply to drive home that is an album worth the sum of its parts, based around two approaches to the presentation of the songs.
–Andrew Beer