CD Review: Cuff Lynx

Cuff Lynx
Tourist EP

Cuff Lynx is an EDM duo. They wrapped up a tour (where they played with the Dodos) and had their homecoming show at the Wild Buffalo in October. The Tourist EP is their latest EP. It was produced by Radical Kid and is available for free on their soundcloud page:
An electronic dance music duo comprised of Jordan Hatzialexiou and Matt Ogle (of The Learning Team fam), Cuff Lynx has just released their latest recording, Tourist EP.
The EP features two sides with the first is all original mixes. The opening track, “Space Eye,” opens with some samples of an Alan Watt interview. It has a sense of building towards something and at two minutes in, when the synthesizer is sped up to almost indiscernible speeds but then the track stops. It fades out – a tease but teasing you in the catchiest way possible. “Let the Disc Go” is almost the opposite, whereas the previous track found beauty in a slow build up this track starts going and doesn’t stop, with only the occasional ebb before it runs to its driving drum-machine that stops only long enough for you to miss it. The third track, “Best Friend” (named after the Queen song it samples), closes up the original mixes on this EP.
The second half is of the EP is remixes of their mixes. The first remix is of Best Friend by the Seattle-based DJ Soffos. Bellingham-based IG88 also remixed that song. World Child remixed the opening track “Space Eye.”
One of the strongest features of this EP is how well put together it is. It’s clear the producer knew what he was doing, all the keyboards, the 808, and random flourishes build a soundscape that is somewhere between an epic space quest and the best dance party ever. One thing is certain: Cuff Lynx’s The Tourist will make you move.
-Ethan Smith