CD Review: MP and Vokab

MP and Vokab
Moving Forward

If you have a void in your heart where some old-school hip-hop should go then look no further than MP and Vokab’s new release Moving Forward. The duo takes you on a nostalgia tinged tour of their thoughts throughout their 5-song EP and while they aren’t breaking any new ground that hasn’t been broken before, you will have a hard time not bopping your head along to their vintage beats. The duel MC’s laid back flows instantly set the mood to relaxed and the soulful piano and organ throughout definitely keep the vibe toned down to a slow burn.
If MP and Vokab are anything it’s genuine, and you can really hear and feel that they care about the music they are making. It’s refreshing to hear hip-hop songs that have a message and a point in a world where the radio is dominated primarily by rap that relies on nothing but sexual innuendos and different metaphors for getting wasted. Their thoughts on that particular subject are put on display with their song “Sell Outs,” which focuses on their frustration with the state of hip-hop music today and lamenting about greedy music executives wanting to “saturate the market with poppy carbon copies.” The overall production is what really shines on this release, the songs’ mixes are clear and concise and it really helps drive home the messages the twosome are making through their lyrical prose.
While MP and Vokab aren’t exactly changing the face of hip-hop music with this release, they do have a solid piece of work on their hands that is worth checking out for fans of hip-hop in the vein of Blue Scholars and The Physics.
-Raleigh Davis