CD Review: Raised Broke Entertainment

Raised Broke Entertainment
The Green Thumb Project

The Green Thumb Project from Raised Broke Entertainment is a collection of emcees from the Northwest who are here to take no prisoners and show the full spectrum of talent in their crew. Started by Born Rich in 2010 the “GTP” is a collection of 12 rappers and their style is definitely hardcore or horror-core rap. Warning: This is not for the faint at heart (or your ears may bleed).
When you visit the Raised Broke Entertainment page on Reverb Nation, you can see that these guys are hard at work. There are 95 total songs on the page and 21 of them feature the Green Thumb Project. On the track “Cold Hearted” rappers Kyle Vest, Rick Rollin and Petey Peak let everyone know that they will stop at nothing to run over the competition. Strapped with punch lines and references to your girlfriend they take turns proving who the coldest MC on the track is. With a chorus that boasts, “These rappers are my prey and I eat them every day, so do yourself a favor and get out of my way.” It’s plain to see that these guys are messing around on the microphone.  The production on these tracks in dark and filled with some deep bass lines and hard hitting drums, so if you are a fan of tracks that rattle the trunk the Green Thumb Project delivers in a big way.
When it comes to hardcore hip-hop the Green Thumb Project offers a new sound for the Northwest. With their dedication to pumping out music I would be shocked if you don’t see a lot from these guys in the coming years.
-Mike Roe