CD Review: Spaceboy33

The Slingshot EP

The Slingshot EP from Spaceboy33 is 7 tracks of pure 100 percent uncut dubstep! Bass, synths, big drums and crazy drops that sound like robots fighting, or having sex… one of the two.
When I first logged onto his bandcamp site I was excited to see that he had a remix of one of my favorite songs “Sail” By AWOLNation. I jumped straight to that track and I was pleasantly surprised by the remix. Unlike many of today’s remix artists Spaceboy33 is able to keep many of the elements of the original track while creating a new song that is very much his own. After listening to the rest of the songs on the EP I definitely found that Spaceboy33’s style is raw, unfiltered synths and the off tempo drums that dubstep fans have come to know and love. The other remix on the album “DVNO” is a very cool track as well that has some seriously freaked out sounds and had great builds and drops.
I found that the rest of the songs offered some cool variety of style but they all came back to some very similar dubstep sounds and formats. I would have liked to see a little more polish to the songs to bring the sounds together and make them hold together sonically.
All in all the EP is very well done and enjoyable for any fan of electronic music and especially dubstep. If you are not a fan of these styles then I would suggest trying something a little less abrasive and save yourself from the onslaught of bass!
-Mike Roe