Le Beat November

Ladies and Gentlemen, how do.
Welcome to this month’s le Beat, thanks as always for reading. I know I said we’d have a new person handling le Beat this month, but she had a prior commitment (of awesomeness) that slowed the process down. Which I’ll mention… later.
Before I get into “music news you can use” (do you think MTV is gonna sue me for that?), I’d like to thank everyone, as always, for reading the magazine and our advertisers for, well, advertising. We couldn’t do this without their support.
And without further ado…

Comings & Goings

The Alternative Library, formally at the end of N. Forest Street (and conveniently right down the street from my house) and at Make.Shift has finally moved into their new space on 1417 Railroad Ave. in the former location of Little Tiger Toys. They’ve been hard at work for several months now getting the space, so stop in, say hi and peruse!
Word has gotten out about Jess Manley’s new band Dad Jazz—and the word is good. Described as a “crust/power violence band,” which sounds dangerous and terrifying in the best way, they could be a band to watch in the coming months. Thrash on, dudes!
Speaking of Nikko Van Wyke, he has a new band with the former members of Cat From Hue called Vactioneer. It’s him plus the drummer and guitarist and they’ve picked off where THE CAT had left off – sort of. I was a big Cat from Hue fan, but Vacationeer has the makings of something pretty damn special. Watch for more details.
Back from tour, Hillary Susz has joined up with Julianne Thoma, which means there will be a lot more piano and harmonies with Susz’s music. Right on! If you’d like to read about Hillary’s tour, check out our tales section.
Well, we are living in a non-Jesus Chris Willis world, my friends. Half of My Dad Bruce and producer extraordinaire pulled up stakes and moved to Brooklyn where he’s currently living with Dozer from the Wilson Project (if you remember that band, you are damn old). My Dad Bruce aren’t done, though, with Michael Harris (ex-Idiot Pilot) now the co-emcee. They also have a new video out, which you can find online. There’s a lot of orange.
Lovers with Borders, with features the amazing Jessica Lynn Bonin (Daffodils/artist), Karl Blau and Alex Parrish, have released a single, which was recorded by Calvin Johnson. Well, they used to be called singles, but now it’s two songs on bandcamp. Either way, IT’S AWESOME. Hopefully this is just a taste of more to come.
According to Hollie Huthman, co-owner of The Shakedown, Gonzo is the real deal. Heavy, big sound. Nice.

Records & Releases

Lot’s going on at North Shore Studios this month. Never just finished up recording an EP, and the Vonvettas are in the process of mixing their massive 30 song (!!!) double album. The project began in February, and they’re expected to release it at the end of this fall. Finally, songstress Misty Flowers is busy working on her third studio album with North Shore’s Sam Chue.
N7E Records is releasing their first compilation consisting entirely of Bellingham punk bands. The compilation, titled The Only 7 You Need, will be entirely recorded over two weekends in December. Bands will record 3-4 songs, with the best ones making the album cut. It should be sweeeeet.
Scumeating did a little crowdsourcing on Facebook asking people to help choose their new album name. Possible choices included ‘Music for a Night In,’ ‘warm,’ and my personal favorite, ‘Moist on the inside….’ Jury is out on which ended up winning, but we’ll know soon enough.
Cutlass Supreme are recording, as are Gyrating Hips. Couple of bands to keep an eye on in 2014.
Tom Farrell (ex-Daffodils, Language Arts) has a new record out under the moniker The Muscle Relaxers. Of course, you can find it on bandcamp. I’ve long been a big fan of ol’ Tommy and I’m glad to see he’s back in town and making music.
Candysound’s latest full length album is finally done! No official word on when it’ll be released, but we’ve been told most likely early next year. The band took their time with this recording, spending seven months of tracking and writing. I have a feeling this is going to be a special record from the boys and I’m stoked to hear it.
The Bad Tenants have released Eloquent Scoundrels Vol. 2. This is their first release strictly as a trio, and most likely the last as a band with any Bellingham residents as Gabriel Ghirardini plans to join Casey Gainor and Matt Goodwin in Seattle next month. The recording icludes raps, soulful singing and turntabling as well as production from close friends and Sunday cipher members IG88, Thaddeus Gincig and Dozer. They’ve also released a new video, which was produced by the mighty Knapp Brothers. Dig it.
Minor Plains (this month’s pin up!) have released a three song demo. GREAT band, so check them out on bandcamp.
Galapagos are releasing a CD in November with a special show at the Wild Buffalo on Nov. 16. I could go on and on about the band, but you can just read about ‘em if you turn the page. BUT WAIT TO FINISH LE BEAT FIRST!
The Dr.x.s has a new full length on their bandcamp page. It’s called The Drugs and was recorded by Mr. Awesome Nick Thacker (I’m not being snarky, Thacker really is awesome). Watch for a review of the album in the next issue.
Have you listened to the new Bright Weapons album yet? Wowza! Consent was recorded with Tim Brown out in Deming and it is amazing. Raw, beautiful, kick ass – lots of words to describe the new album, but, really, you should just hear it for yourself.
A local band is a band that has at least one member living in town… and with that, Death Cab for Cutie are back in the studio, working on their follow up to Codes and Keys. They’re at the very beginning of a long process, so don’t expect anything soon. But, in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Transatlantacism, Bursuk has released the demos from the album – the songs written before drummer Jason McGerr had joined the band. They are in the same order as the album and it’s awesome hearing the initial ideas of the songs and how they turned out. It’s like catching the band at the instant they click over from hip indie rock band to awesome pop band. You can also hear the seeds of The Postal Service in there – great music, pick it up if ya feel like.

Raising Cash

A couple of bands are doing kickstarter to raise funds for upcoming albums. Br’er Rabbit, who will be releasing their latest on March of 2014 and the Vonvettas’ will be released this winter, both could use some cash to make the records happen. Ya remember that part where you talked about supporting local music? Here’s a great place to start.

On The Road Again

Sounds like, outside of some major touring disasters (gotta love it when the van breaks down, read all about it on page 35), things are going extremely well for Acorn Project. They seem to have taken a big step with their latest release, the epic Shift, and it’s showing with bigger crowds on the road. The boys have taken their scene to a new level and I couldn’t be happier for ‘em – they are one of the hardest working bands in town.
Mostafa is on a 7-city tour through Washington and Oregon. They hit Seattle, Olympia, Portland and Eugene, and end in Bellingham on Nov. 7.
Yogoman Burning Band have been out on tour. I’d like to tell you where, but the list is too long – they’ve been doing smaller jaunts all over the place and, frankly, I just can’t keep up. Three dates here, four dates here, week here – life on the road must be treating ‘em well! YBB will also be releasing their latest on New Year’s Eve with a party at Green Frog. Know what that means? Lots of nudity – hopefully starting with Hardesty.
Speaking of Br’er Rabbit, they are heading out on a three week tour in November, going to California and back with plenty of stops inbetween. Have I mentioned how much I love it when bands tour – it’s tough as hell and you lose money, but it is consistently the best way to get your music out to more folks, to improve as a band and, of course, just have a damn good time.
The most recent Polecat tour has wrapped up – 4,500 miles worth of pavement underneath their tires! Welcome home!While I am not a fan of The Voice per se, I’ve been watching the status of ex-Bellingham songwriter Austin Jenkes. As of press time (Oct. 29 broadcast), he made it to the next round!

Don’t forget – if you have new music for review, you can email us the link or drop off a CD at Everyday Music. (If you drop it off, please make the packaging not totally hack. It’s hard taking a CD seriously when it’s dropped off wrapped in a piece of paper with crap written all over. Put it in a case or a sleeve, nicely (and legibly) write out who you are, the song titles and whatever info you feel is relevant. Thank you!)
Welp, that’s about it for now. I’d like to thank Kirsten O’Brien for adding some nuggets to le beat this month – she did ‘em while flying to Iceland for the Icelandic Airwaves festival.
–Brent Cole