Live Review: 13 scars, piggy, girl guts

13 scars, piggy, girl guts
oct. 6, 2013 • lil wisco

The show got off to a rough start. Piggy’s van was broken into while they were in Portland and they had to wait around a couple hours to file the police report. So if you see some tweekers in some nice new Piggy shirts, give them a judgemental look. They know what they did.
13 Scars, a Tacoma band, opened. These guys are punk rock veterans, having played in bands such Portrait of Poverty, Infect, Burning Flag and others they’ve also shared the stage with a variety of bands across the Northwest (including Agent Orange, Poison Idea, The Real Mckenzies, Dead Kennedys). Their comfort on the stage shows. Vocalist Bradley Petrovich is a manic monkey who has no limits. Be he directly in the mosh pit or at the helm of the band on stage, he’s always entertaining to watch and willing to brutalize himself in the name of punk rock. The band’s brand of punk rock is catchy as it is dirty and the tunes seem constructed for a circle pit.
Piggy played next. They’re from Vancouver, B.C. and made up of Izzy Gibson (ex-Living Deadbeats, AK-747s, Blood Alley) on vocals, Ron Reyes (Red Cross/Black Flag) on guitar and Craig McKimm (of Econoline Crush and Little Guitar Army) and Lisafurr Lloyd also of Little Guitar Army (and JP5/East Vamps) on bass. Despite the fact that Piggy had no merchandise to speak of, they made sure everyone got a free patch. Piggy released their debut EP, Undignified, over the summer. It was produced by Cecil English who’s also worked with D.O.A., Dayglo Abortions, NoMeansNo, and others.
Gibson is an incredibly gifted front-woman. Be it screaming along to the face-melting hardcore of “Buddha Stomp” or poppy menace of “L.A. Blues” she gave a performance that was as snotty as it was fierce. They even reprised a Reyes classic, “Jealous Again,” which featured Gibson on vocals. It was a little weird to hear that legendary piece of hardcore with the classic singer on guitar but it was awesome. Reyes shreds.  McKimm and Lloyd were a driving and angry rhythm section. They ended the show with the crowd screaming for more (which Piggy happily provided.)
Local Girl Guts closed the show. The band had a busy summer, recording their debut full length and were featured on Vol. 1 of the I-5 Series (which takes two bands from Seattle and two bands from Bellingham) with friends Caparza (and is available through Woah Boat! Records).
They started their set off with some of the angriest songs of their catalogue, including “Respect Your Elders” (featured on the aforementioned split,” “Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie,” and “Gasoline & Alcohol.” Everyone was moshing, slowly stripping clothes off, retrieving more alcohol, and chanting along to every chorus. There’s something incredibly beautiful about seeing Girl Guts in their element. Vocalists Andrew Beer and Andrew Wild alternate bass and guitarist duties beautifully. Drummer Ryan Baily is a driving force to be reckoned. With every passing month they grow into a more solid unit (as if they weren’t already super solid to begin with). Punk rock has always been a genre about community and nowhere is this exemplified more than seeing this band with the right crowd at the right house. Everyone knows the words. By the time the set was over, everyone was intoxicated and maybe engaging in some form of nudity, as they should be by the end of a Girl Guts show.
– Ethan Smith