Live Review: oll breds, dad jazz

oll breds, dad jazz
oct. 18, 2013 • assumption dungeon

Oll Breds opened and behind them a backdrop of various stencils of Bowie and the Gill-man (among others) adorned the wall. They’re a two-piece garage band from Missoula, Montana. When watching them play it’s clear that they’re having a lot of fun, be they sitting on drum or just bouncing around, it’s an infectious attitude that they bring to the stage. When coupled with their catchy pop-infused garage rock it makes for good dancing. T
heir music borrows from 60s rock (i.e. the Kinks, The Stooges.) It was simplistic, they’re a band more interested in the roots of fun music than technical precision which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Dad Jazz is a new punk band to Bellingham with old faces, featuring Jess Manley (Scum Eating/Turkish Warships/Friends nor Leaders) on vocals, Collin Fischer (Skinning Teeth) on bass, Mac Boyd on guitar and Henry Miller (Our City’s Finest/We Lit the Fuse/Eugene Conrad/Scum Eating/Sisturn Moth) on drums. This is Dad Jazz’s second show, after recording their cassette (Exitpoint Stallion which is available on their bandcamp or you could buy it from them at a show) they lost their guitarist to the call of Portland. They were able to replace him and keep going but don’t expect to hear their crusty thrashing at a bar. Dad Jazz is committed to playing all ages shows because they don’t believe access to fun should be determined by when you were born – which is awesome.
If you’re a fan of Tragedy or His Hero is Gone, you should make the time to go see Dad Jazz. They delivered a high energy and driving set. They sound like a band who has been playing together for years instead of just a couple months and they perform with the same confidence.
-Ethan Smith